A Night of Honor


Kevin Roberts

The varsity football team was named Program of the Year at the St. Louis National Football Foundation Banquet and two other awards were given to Coach Markway and Gabe Serri.

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

The football season may have ended back in November, but the boys had a very honorable night down at the Missouri Athletic Club this past Sunday. The entire football program was selected by The St. Louis-Tom Lombardo Chapter of the National Football Foundation as the “Top Program of the Year.”

The award is presented to a team that displays not only success on the field, but off as well. The boys had amazing academic commitment this school year, and they had huge community involvement. From parents to managers to all the fans, they were supported every step of the way.

Not only was the program as a whole recognized, but Coach Blake Markway was selected for the Jimmy Conzelman “Coach of the Year Award.”

Coach Markway has brought in extreme numbers for the program in just six years. Not only have the numbers doubled, but the team has broken many school records and has had higher scoring games than ever.

Markway puts all of his gratitude towards his team, and refuses to take all the credit himself. The award was more than deserved for everything he does for the program and the school day in and day out!

“It was an emotional moment because of the sacrifices from so many people that helped me get this recognition. I am beyond blessed with my family’s support, the coaches, administration, the team and their families dedication,” Coach Markway said.

However, the awards didn’t stop there. Senior quarterback Gabe Serri was selected as one of the eleven scholar athletes, as Serri had a phenomenal season. He broke multiple school records and led his team to a 7-5 record, only a year after a serious injury which halted his junior season.

Serri is only the fourth recipient of this award for our school, and the first since Jake Larson in 2017.

“It was such an honor to receive the award, especially after growing up and watching outstanding players, especially Jake Larson, leave his mark and become a recipient as well,” Serri said.

As the football season officially comes to an end, the team has put 110% into their program, and it was noticed in the highest honor. Congratulations to Coach Blake Markway, Gabe Serri, and the rest of  the team as well.