Life Hacks With Lexi: Prom Edition


Kristy Hagan

Want prom to be perfect? Check out these simple life hacks to make your prom better!

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

With prom being only a few days away, I have gathered the best tips and tricks to make sure your prom goes smoothly! Sometimes the week of the dance can be stressful, so hopefully this helps you relax.

Slipping and Sliding

Don’t you just love when you find the perfect set of heels that work perfectly with the dress of your dreams? However, they can sometimes be a constant annoyance if they continuously slip off your heel. Take some hairspray and spray it on the bottom of your foot and let it dry—now they won’t slip off!

Awful Acne

Pimples are the WORST, and they always find the worst time to pop up… literally! Take an ice cube and hold it on your pimple for one minute, and then take some redness relief eye drops and put some on a q-tip. Then, hold on your pimple for 30 seconds. The ice cube gets rid of swelling, and the eye drops get rid of redness!

Long Lasting Lips

If your lipstick isn’t as long-lasting as it claims, take some powder and blot it onto your lips.  Then, take your tissue and dab the power off—this is going to soak up all the unwanted oils.

Perfume Perfection

The most annoying and inconvenient thing is when you can’t smell your perfume, after you just put it on! Take some Vaseline and rub it on the places you want your perfume to be the strongest. Then, spray your perfume on the Vaseline, and it’s a more intense scent.

Foundation Fail

Sometimes, when you’re blending your makeup, the worst just happens. Foundation is all over your face, and then you suddenly forget—and you touch your dress. Well, you can take a little bit of shaving cream and put it on your dress, then take a damp cloth and pat your dress to get rid of the shaving cream!

I hope these hacks can help make your prom experience that much easier, so that way you can have the time of your life without the extra worry!