Capturing the House Cup


Elise Newman

The house standings from before Capture the Flag.

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

St. Dominic’s latest house competition has come to an end, and as the House Cup approaches, house points matter now more than ever.

Capture the Flag is the latest house competition, and after an intense week of competition, Temperentia and Gaudium battled it out in the finals today, April 22. Yet, House Temperentia ultimately fell to Gaudium in a tie-breaker race between Guadium senior Gavin Brown and Temp junior Sage Grassino. Walking into this competition, the heat was turned up between teams, ready to battle it out on the court.

“I want to destroy the other houses and win. This is so important,” Gaudium junior Luke Mullersman said before the final competition.

Temperentia is currently in the lead for the House Cup, so this win could have almost secured that for them. However, with Gaudium close behind, the capture the flag win for them means dethroning Temperentia and gaining a much-needed lead.

“I’m kind of disappointed that we lost, but I’m really proud of our house and how we managed to make a comeback from being in last. I’m a little worried about this final upcoming competition because I’ve been super focused on capture the flag, but I’m sure Virtus will pull through,” Temperentia junior Abby Obert said.

Virtus, Caritas, Gratia and Dignitas are all trying to recover any lost points from this competition, and with the cereal box competition beginning shortly, it’s predicted that this year’s race for the House Cup will be closer than ever.

As scores tighten up and the end crawls closer, it’s evident that this win for Gaudium during capture the flag could possibly determine who will win the coveted House Cup for the 2020-2021 school year.