Celebrating Christ Together One Last Time

Father Patrick Russell celebrates the Eucharist at the last mass of the school year.

Jim Faasen

Father Patrick Russell celebrates the Eucharist at the last mass of the school year.

Kalea Reeves, Staff Writer

In a completely unprecedented school year where nothing was predictable, one of the few constants we had was mass. Whether it was with the entire student body or the quieter Empower Hour masses, Crusaders have always been able to turn to the Lord during this hectic time. Last Tuesday, St. Dominic celebrated its last all-school mass for the 2020-2021 school year.

“It is our last chance to rejoice together at the end of a less-than normal year,” St. Dominic president, Mr. Jim Welby, said.

COVID has forced many cancellations and adjustments to almost every aspect at school. After some trial and error, campus minister Mrs. Shelly Lang and the peer ministers worked so that the entire school could still gather and celebrate mass together almost every month.

It was the class of 2021’s last mass, and it was a bittersweet moment for all seniors. With graduation just a couple weeks away, this marked just one of the many lasts for the senior class.  

To highlight the class of 2021, two seniors were honored at the end of the celebration for their outstanding service work. Emma Busken, who received the MLK Model of Justice Award, and Joe Hogan, who won the Archbishop May Service Award.

“This award is just a result of the many inspirations and role models I have in my life who pour into me and have molded me into who I’ve become! These people have taught me true love and service,” Hogan said.  

St. Dominic Chaplin Fr. Patrick invited the entire laity to join in on a blessing specially made for the seniors as they begin to close the doors here and open new ones that will lead wonderful places.

Fr. Patrick’s homily resonated with everyone, especially with seniors who are leaving and going off on their own. We are to follow God’s call to be witnesses through Christ, through all kinds of persecution and to point our lives toward God.

“Does your life point to love? To hope? To mercy? Because this is what we are called to do,” Fr. Patrick said.

As usual, the mass was live-streamed on the St. Dominic website so that all alumni, parents, grandparents and anyone else who was not able to attend could still participate in the wonderful ceremony.

As this insane school year comes to an end, we’re grateful to celebrate God with the entire school one last time.