Super League, Super Letdown

9 of the 12 teams in the new European Super League announced their resignation from the league after backlash from fans.

Matt Pentz

9 of the 12 teams in the new European Super League announced their resignation from the league after backlash from fans.

Kennedy Jones, Staff Writer

The soccer world has been taken by storm this past week as talk of a new Super League is in the works. 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs were planning to break away from their respective leagues. However, over the past days, the idea of the Super League has undergone some crazy changes.

The Super League rocked European soccer as its biggest story in generations. Yet, plans were short lived after all six Premier League clubs decided to break away from the Super League on Tuesday night. This put a pause on the Super League to give management time to “reconsider the most appropriate steps to reshape the project.”

Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atlético Madrid have also withdrawn their membership shortly before the announcement to put the Super League on hold. Lack of fan support from these clubs, including the Premier League, disagreed with forming a new Super League.

“I want to apologize to all the fans, supporters of Liverpool Football Club for the disruption I caused over the last 48 hours. It goes without saying […] that the project put forward was never going to stand without the fans. No one ever thought differently in England,” Liverpool owner John W. Henry said.

Although apologies were given to fans across multiple clubs, some still feel betrayed that they were not involved in any of the decision making. Many of our own St. Dominic soccer fans and players have very strong opinions on the Super League.

“I support Manchester United, and when I heard that they were joining it was really disappointing, because it’s not what the club is about. Over the past few days we have learned that the owners of these 10 clubs only care about money and not the history and fans of the clubs. With all the backlash from the fans, I am very happy that the teams decided to back out from the Super League,” junior Ryan McMullin said.

The European Super League would’ve been made up of 12 of the biggest clubs across the continent. The league would offer permanent spots to these teams while also allowing them to remain in their respective leagues. This plan was opposed by FIFA.

“When I heard that the league would be formatted like the NBA and the NFL, I was so disappointed because soccer started in Europe and has its own format with relegation and different cups. The sport should not change to an American format,” McMullin said.

These reasons led to the official shut down of the Super League. This entire project has been in the works for decades but to no avail. This cancellation of the league brought fans some relief, however concerns still loom over the behavior of the owners who were a part of the organization.