Loving Your Own Skin



Sienna Mae Gomez is promoting body positivity to millions

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

These days, it is easy for anyone to tap into social media and compare themselves to the “perfect” body type that we see on social media. Body positivity is such a hard thing to obtain in this generation due to social norms and the pressure of social media.

Each and every generation struggles with body positivity. There has always been a certain body type and size that is looked upon by society, which changes throughout the decades. This can be very damaging to people’s mental health or even physical health.

It is important to gain body positivity and learn to love yourself in the process. Despite what the internet says, know that your body is perfect the way it is, and that no one’s body is anywhere near the same. Every person has something they don’t love about themselves, even the ones who look happy.

“If I could say anything to someone struggling with body or self image, I would say that the way you appear to someone else never compares to who you are as a person. What matters the most is how you treat others, which is what makes you beautiful as a person. Every single body is unique. Every body is shaped differently and life is too short to believe what others say about you when they’re taking time out of their day to bring you down. The standard for the ideal body type is wrong and each body is worth taking care of,” senior Ava Kannady said.

“There are so many unrealistic body standards out there. I want people to understand that “healthy” is pretty and what you should strive for. Every single body is different and we should celebrate those differences rather than try to change them,” senior Kate Ryan said.

“What I would tell people who have been struggling with self image is that the only person who sees you that [negative] way is you. Later on in your life, no one will look back and think about what outfit you wore that day, or what you looked like at school. The only thing that people genuinely care about is how you treat others. I also accept the fact that this is the only body that we ever have, so we might as well love it as much as we can,” senior Kelly Henderson said.

You never know who can be struggling with body positivity, so don’t ever judge someone based on their body. The person with the so-called “perfect body” could be struggling to love themselves just as much as the person who thinks that they don’t have the perfect body.

Thankfully there are so many people in the world to promote body positivity and make every body type feel like the accepted body type. Influencers like Sienna Gomez, Lizzo, Ashley Graham and many more have come out to support this idea that all bodies are worth loving.

“I think someone who helps me with body positivity are the influencers on TikTok. I follow multiple girls who base their account all around body positivity. Reading the comments and hearing others relate to you is really nice to know you’re not alone with how you view yourself, but the environment on TikTok when it comes to body positivity is very rare. I never see any negative comments and I have come across multiple videos of girls who may not fit the ‘perfect body’ standard and all the comments bring him or her up and compliment them, and it’s nice to see people like that who care,” Kannady said.

“My mom and my sisters have been a huge part of my body positivity, because all of them have struggled with that too so whenever I’m feeling down I just go to them,” Henderson said.

“Honestly I know this sounds weird, but I am the person who helps myself with body positivity. My mind looks at my body and decides whether to love it that day or not. It’s when you slowly begin to learn how to love all of your imperfections that you can be truly happy instead of relying on someone else and their standards,” Ryan said.

I hope that one day every single person can love themselves and body positivity is spread like a disease. Just remember: you are all beautiful inside and out no matter what society says.