Alyssa Buchheit

Mr. Asher (left), Ms. Hampton (middle), Mr. Winklemann right) all wearing their green shirts this Tuesday

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

April Fools is a day full of harmless tricks, funny pranks and plenty of laughs. Our St. Dominic community has had a lot of fun with their April Fools day pranks, even including the teachers and staff!

In sixth grade, junior Elise Newman and her friends tried pranking her teacher. It didn’t quite go as planned, but the class had fun nonetheless.

“When I was in sixth grade, my teacher Mrs. Schultz would drink a two liter bottle of Diet Coke a day. She also hated Pepsi, and was very adamant about her hatred for it. The day before April Fools Day, I bought a two liter bottle of Pepsi and took the label off. Then, on April Fools Day, my friends and I got to school two hours early and stole the two liter of Diet Coke off of her desk. We quickly tore off the label and put it back on her desk. Everything was going smoothly, but right before she drank it (junior) Zach Carff and (junior) Garrett Havrilla told her it was Pepsi. We weren’t in trouble, and we all laughed at it,” Newman said.

Thank goodness her teacher was able to laugh it off, because I’m sure she wouldn’t have been too thrilled to start her morning off by drinking Pepsi.

Junior Grant Richars had good intentions with his prank, but it did not go well. Sometimes even harmless pranks can end up a little messy!

“One time I played an April Fools day prank, I put toothpaste in my dad’s Oreos, and he threw up everywhere,” Richars said.

Freshman Raymond Butler also played a not-so-great prank on one of his parents. This one is pretty funny, but if you’re not expecting it, it can be quite a scare. I’m sure he learned big time from this prank—no one messes with Mama Bear.

“I put food coloring in my mom’s toothbrush—she started to scream and freak out. She then started to jump on me and scold me,” Butler said.

Mrs. Dodge and her sister constantly played pranks on each other when they were younger, which were never mean spirited and always in good fun; the way sisters always do things, right?

“When my sister and I were in elementary school, I went into her room when she was sleeping and I sewed her pajamas to her bed while she was in them so she wouldn’t be able to get up in the morning,” Dodge said.

Mr. Asher is definitely known for messing with other teachers and his students! His latest target has been Ms. Goedeke, and this was a good one. He took a picture of her holding the stray cat that roamed the school’s halls, and put them all over her classroom and handed the extras out to the rest of the school. This a harmless, light prank that we all got to enjoy.

Though it may be a silly holiday, April Fools Day always makes the month of April start out with lots of laughs and joy. Be sure to watch out in the halls, or you might get pranked!