St. Dominic Soccer Stars


Megan Gilmore

St. Dominic’s soccer team celebrates their 2019 State win.

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

Our Lady Crusaders are kicking it into high gear as they begin their spring season, hoping to become back-to-back state champions.

With the cancellation of last season, the girls are coming off of their 2019 season with an almost perfect record and a state championship. Now they’re back, better than ever and ready to defend their state title. However, that won’t be easy, but the team is working hard to push themselves to the next level, all while still having fun.

The team has begun their preparation, and, in order to work as a well-oiled machine, that means practicing five days a week and constantly giving 110%. It can get stressful at times, but senior Riley Combs always wants the team to know that she wants them to succeed.

“I try to make sure that everyone is involved and is invested in the team’s goal and make sure that they know they can come to me if they need help and I try to push people to reach the potential I know they can reach,” Combs said.

Combs is not the only senior who wants the team to succeed. The eight seniors on the team act as leaders, pushing the rest to the best of their abilities, as they approach their final season on the pitch.

“I really think the seniors we have on the team all get along well, which helps set a good example. Welcoming the underclassman and building team camaraderie all around is extremely important to us. We know how to get serious when needed, but enjoy the last few games we have together!” senior Gabby Hennessy said.

As the 2019 State Champions, our St. Dominic varsity girls soccer team is looking forward to scoring a chance at the final four again and advancing to state, no matter what it takes.

“I think the biggest challenge this season will be defending our state title, because I know other teams will be coming at us even harder for that reason alone,” junior Grace Bindbeutel said.

Bindbeutel had a stellar season her freshman year, and is just one of the many talented players on the team. It’ll be exciting to see how the girls do this season and watch them battle it out against other teams for the state title once again.