Living a Double Life

Get to know how some of our Dual Athletes manage their time and energy to get everything done through the season

Elianna Hagan

Get to know how some of our Dual Athletes manage their time and energy to get everything done through the season

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

Hundreds of students are playing spring sports this season, which already takes up plenty of time during their day. This year, St. Dominic has a few athletes that are playing two sports this spring, which can make for a very busy schedule—especially at the end of the semester.

“I think it is very overwhelming to just balance school and one sport in general. Along with lacrosse and track, I am playing club volleyball right now. For me, it’s really hard balancing all of these activities with school and time for myself,” senior Maisie Repp said.

Balancing a busy schedule can take a big toll on some people, but one athlete in particular seems to have it all figured out. Sophomore Sam Cross is a big athlete in the St. Dominic community, from fall football to winter basketball to his spring sports—yes sports, plural—baseball and track.

“I have baseball practice after school, and track in the mornings. I like it all because it keeps me busy and weirdly enough, it relaxes me. I am in a study hall, which helps me tremendously, because then I can focus on my sport and not worry about my classes once I get home,” Cross said.

Using not only study hall, but empower hour as well, sophomore Tyler Willenbrink gets all of his school work done so there’s no stress when he gets home from not only his two St. Dominic sports, but club soccer too.

“There are days when I will have practice before school, right after school and then another practice till 9pm, so it can be difficult to find a chance for anything else,” Willenbrink said.

The work is worth it though. Last year, Willenbrink didn’t have the chance to play his spring volleyball season, so this year he has his chance to push hard and make the outcome 100% worth it.

“I didn’t get to play volleyball last year because the season was cut short, so I want to do that more than anything this year! I ran track because I have goals I want to personally achieve, and I can do that with my track times,” Willenbrink said.

Being an athlete can be hard, but even harder for students who play two or even three sports at once. These athletes have tremendous endurance and strength for being able to succeed in their double lives!