Springing Into Style


Ally Feiam

These girls show us the perfect example of spring fashion

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

Welcome to spring! The best season, in my opinion, where fashion trends begin to brighten up and the days get warmer. It’s about time to bring out the shorts and the spring shoes!

Accessories are everything when it comes to fashion, but especially in the spring time. To block out the hot sun, maybe add a pair of sunglasses to your outfit or even a cute little bucket hat of any color. These are perfect ways to add a splash of style onto any plain outfit.

“I love the sneaker and dress combo. Also I know funky glasses and bucket hats along with fun purses have been trending and I’m totally about those. I think accessories really make outfits just flow together better,” senior Leah Maxvill said.

Spring fashion is known for its array of beautiful, bright colors! When I think of spring fashion, I think of all these fun colors to combine in my outfits. Why not match the seasonal fashion to the colorful trees and flowers coming back to life?

“I like how with spring clothes you can wear pastel colors or patterns, but you can wear them more like toned down and muted, and still make it look springy,” senior Maddie Lepp said.

“I’m very into color, so the spring is a great time to include color in every outfit and try something funky and different,” Maxvill said.

Spring is the perfect time to test out a bunch of new styles, because there is no limit. Some days can be super hot while others can be a bit on the cooler side. With the fluctuating weather, you could easily pair a long sleeve with a skirt or wear a dress with a jacket. There’s so many different options!

“My favorite thing about spring style is being able to wear dresses again, and I really think flowy dresses are adorable and one of my favorite things to wear in the springtime,” senior Olivia Krick said.

“My favorite thing about spring fashion is that you can wear pants and a summer top or you can wear long sleeves with shorts or skirts, so you’re never cold or hot,” senior Andie Smith said.

It’s time to bring back the favorite spring looks and we couldn’t be more excited! Go expand your fashion and shop for a colorful, spring look this year full of prints, colors, and accessories.