Spring is for Shorts…or is It?

St. Dominic students love to wear shorts this time of year

Adri Weber

St. Dominic students love to wear shorts this time of year

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

Spring time is almost here, and with the new season comes the age old argument: when is the best time to start wearing shorts again? Or, better yet, is it okay to wear shorts all year round? In our own school, we can see there are a lot of different opinions on this question, just from looking around. However, we decided to ask some of you your opinions on the matter of when to bust out the shorts.

A popular opinion among most people for when to wear shorts is whenever the weather is nice enough to do so. Mr. Asher, history, psychology and sociology teacher, claims this is the best idea for when to start wearing shorts.

“My clothing choices really depend on the weather for that specific day. Like if there’s a chilly summer day I will proudly wear pants if that’s what I’d be most comfortable in. Same for a warm day in the winter with shorts. But I will never wear a white shirt after Labor Day,” Mr. Asher said.

A good majority of St. Dominic students feel there is a specific time of year to switch from wearing uniform pants to uniform shorts. Junior class president Max Williams has a specific time that he decides to make the big switch.

“Since I enjoy wearing pants during the winter, I usually wait a little longer than most people, but I think that after Valentine’s Day is socially acceptable,” Williams said.

Some prefer an earlier time to wear shorts than Williams, though. In fact, there are some students in the school that love to wear their shorts all year long. That’s right, some wore shorts even in the snowstorm weather we had.

“Sometimes I find pants to be restricting, so I almost always wear shorts to school. That way, I never have to worry about my strides being cut short and I can lunge to my heart’s content, if need be,” freshman Andrew Weber said.

Others take an opposite stand on this idea. We see some students wearing pants even at the beginning of the year, when summer weather is still making an appearance. Junior Sean Walsh is an advocate for these people with an idea more on the strange side.

“Personally I think boys should wear pants year round to keep those legs nice and covered, as they should be. Legs are socially unacceptable,” Walsh said.

There are quite a variety of answers here, so it seems the overall answer on when to start wearing shorts so whenever feels like the most appropriate time for you. Maybe you prefer to wear pants all year, or shorts all year. Maybe you have a certain time you switch almost every year. Whatever the case, it is up to you to decide… when is the best time to wear shorts?