What to Expect from St. Dominic


Elli Hagan

The St Dominic community is expecting 5 new crusaders in the coming year

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

The St. Dominic community has five future Crusaders on the way, and five excited parents ready to bring them into the world. Our teachers and staff are getting ready to welcome the new additions, but that means there are some things that must be done before the big day arrives.

“We are having to move our daughter out of her bedroom and try to get her used to her new bed so the baby can move into her room with a crib, as well as baby proofing the house,” Mrs. Riechers said.

All of the craziness each one is going through is ramped up for two of our teachers who have the same due date—meaning September 16 is going to be a big day in the community. Mrs. Eichmeyer and Mrs. Riechers are extremely excited to share this special day!

“This is going to be our third child, and I am not really nervous, but I am just praying that everything goes well and that the baby stays healthy. Oh, and I am super excited to have the same due date as Mrs. Riechers as well!” Mrs. Eichmeyer said.

Some families can be nervous, but most are ready to take on the challenge of a new life. The Schuler family is about to have two kids under the age of two, so that means life is about to get even more crazy.

“Beckham never stops moving around, so I am not sure how that is going to work with a newborn, but we are excited to enjoy these little moments with him and the newborn as well,” Mrs. Schuler said.

The three expecting mothers love having each other to lean on, but our expecting fathers are ready to go as well. Mr. Tock isn’t new to this game, as this will be his third kid.

“The Tock boys are going to be officially outnumbered, which hurts. But I’m quite excited to play Eye of the Tiger beforehand in the delivery room to shake away some last minute nerves… it’s become a tradition,” Mr. Tock said.

Most of our teachers have plenty of experience, but one teacher in particular is about to welcome their first child into the world. Mr. Asher is very excited to have his first son, Elliot, but there’s one thing weighing him down.

“The only thing I am even nervous about is not sleeping—I need my sleep. But don’t worry, I have plenty of children books picked out and I’m sure those will help me,” Mr. Asher said.

We are very excited to welcome five brand new Crusaders into our community, and we’re so happy for their expecting families. Be sure to congratulate them when you see them around school!