Superb Steve Wing

Mr. Wing has been able to help the school grow over the past 25 years!

St. Dominic High School

Mr. Wing has been able to help the school grow over the past 25 years!

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Mr. Wing just celebrated his 25 anniversary of being Head of Maintenance at St. Dominic, and he has been a part of almost every expansion at our school. When Mr. Wing came here so many years ago, there had only been one renovation since 1962.

“I take great pride in being a part of all the other projects. I was able to be a big part in designing and supervising all the other projects,” Mr. Wing said.

The new gym and PAC, Fallon Family Center and the Amy Dicherber Performing Arts Center, were his favorite expansion so far. It was his favorite because he was able to go to quite a few schools on a field trip to look at locker rooms, gyms and performing arts centers. The old stage and band room were added way back in 1977, so it was nice to get a change of scenery.

“I took a lot of notes and I was able to incorporate their best ideas into our gym/PAC area,” Mr. Wing said.

Mr. Wing has been a part of all of the projects, updates and expansions and all of them were challenging in their own way—including the new science wing being built. However, his least favorite project so far has been converting the entire campus to LED lighting.

“Me and my crew did 95% of the work. It was very exhausting,” Mr. Wing said.

Mr. Wing has worked under four presidents of the school through his 25 years here: Father Finn, Sister Mary Bender, Cathy Fetter and Jim Welby. He loved working with all the different presidents, because they all had their own visions and ideas for growth for the school and allowed his input.

His favorite part of being the Director of Facilities has been to watch the school grow from simple classrooms to the awesome beautiful campus that it is.

St. Dominic now has 50 acres of land to call home! From the land all the way to the service road to the highway, the new expansion has created a gorgeous campus for St. Dominic.

“For so many years nobody seemed to know we were here. Also, just seeing the everyday accomplishments that were achieved over the last 25 years from the student lockers, lighting, flooring, sports complex, tennis courts and many interior and exterior upgrades to the bigger projects such as the two story 400’s wing—which included the much needed new library,” said Mr. Wing.

We have been so blessed to have Mr. Wing as Head of Maintenance for so many years, and we are excited to have him for many more to come. Congratulations on 25 years at St. Dominic!