Taylor Swift’s Fearless Next Step

Taylor Swift’s new album cover for Fearless(Taylor’s Version) coming soon.

Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift’s new album cover for Fearless(Taylor’s Version) coming soon.

Abigail Obert, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has been working non-stop with dropping two albums within six months of each other; yet, the release of her upcoming studio album Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is bringing us back to 2008 with a mix of new songs as well as modern twists on Swift classics. Fearless (Taylor’s Version) will feature 26 songs— 20 of which will be re-recorded versions of her previous releases and six brand new songs.

Taylor described her 2008 album Fearless as “an album full of magic and curiosity, the bliss and devastation of youth.” She hopes fans will understand why she is remaking the album after they see the way she approached it since some fans might not get why she did this.

“It was the diary of the adventures and explorations of a teenage girl who was learning tiny lessons with every new crack in the facade of the fairytale ending she’d been shown in the movies,” Taylor said in her recent Instagram post about her sophomore album.

Taylor did not say when the entirety of the new album would be released, but she shared her first remake of “Love Story” shortly before Valentine’s Day. When first listening, the remake sounds very similar to the original, but as you listen on, it becomes easier to pick up on the changes made.

“Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” has a little spin, adding more pop to the original country song. Taylor’s voice sounds more mature than the original version from 2008, and you can hear the pop industry shine through since her shift from country music.

Though Taylor’s re-make of “Love Story” lacks a connection to her country roots, something that has never changed about Taylor is her love to drop hints and include Easter eggs in her work.

Taylor did not openly say when the complete album would be coming out, but she did leave behind some clues. In a post announcing the album, she made sure to use all lowercase letters, except for a few which are capitalized spelling out “APRIL NINTH.” This cryptic message leads fans to believe that she will be releasing the rest of her revised album on this upcoming date.

On top of this new album, Taylor will also be remaking her first six albums, so fans should expect a lot in the coming years. She is always looking for ways to surprise her fans, and she hit the jackpot on this one. Swifties better keep their eyes open for more hints and look forward to Fearless Swift style.