COVID Causes Concert Cancellations



Stadiums and theaters have remained ghost towns for over a year

Josephine Berra, Staff Writer

Over the past year, music fans have been let down time and time again because they can only watch their favorite artists perform through a screen, leaving a huge void that only live music can fill. With live performances being cancelled and put off due to the widespread pandemic, the relationship between a music artist and a loyal fan has become incredibly weak and both are left broken hearted.

The year of 2020 and the coronavirus took away a lot of summer traditions and events, forcing fans to feel more distant from their favorite artists than ever before. Although fans could watch their favorite songs being performed via livestream, it just wasn’t the same, though musicians did their best. Many popular artists like Post Malone and Kesha have even been performing live in stadiums with a camera following their every move so that fans don’t miss a second of the action. However, spectators often feel they don’t get the same experience as being feet away from their favorite artists.

​“We’re never going to replace, through digital, the emotional connection an artist has with their fans,” Kevin Chernett, Live Nation’s executive video president of global partnerships and content distribution, stated.

Live stream concerts have been a great alternative to artists performing live, but unfortunately it just doesn’t provide fans with the same experience and excitement they have felt before.

“I saw Niall Horan’s concert with some friends via livestream. I really enjoyed getting to experience the artist performing live while we could not go to in-person concerts. I still enjoy the atmosphere of in-person concerts much more, but I am grateful to have livestream concerts until we can go back in person,” senior Josie Pagano said.

Fans used to live to see their favorite artists in person, and when that experience was taken away it left musicians’ most devoted followers out to dry.

“I went to the Thomas Rhett concert in September of 2019 and loved it. I loved the atmosphere and everything. I was so excited to go and see the Billie Eilish concert in March of 2020, but it got rescheduled for January of 2021. Then over this fall they cancelled it all together, and I was really disappointed, because I was looking forward to the excitement in the crowd and screaming all of her songs. I definitely miss the atmosphere and excitement of going to a concert,” sophomore Abby Ryan said.

Fans are extremely upset over the cancellations and rescheduling of concerts, but it also affects the artist. Music creators had been preparing to release new albums and EP’s for many months or even years before COVID-19 showed up unannounced and shut everything down. Now, artists can’t even perform live, which can be seen as one of the most exciting parts of their career.

“There is nothing more special than seeing people’s eyes and watching them sing the words…I kind of feel like a penned up bull…I’ve got all this new material that I can’t go play to people, which is the best part,” country singer Wade Bowman said.

Live music used to be a fun activity available for everyone, but now it is seen as a very strict privilege due to COVID-19. This pandemic has derailed social lives in regards to live performances being put off until further notice or just plain cancelled. Spectators have experienced so much heartbreak this pandemic, but maybe as the weather warms, fans will finally be able to regain some of their lost hope and look forward to seeing their favorite artists in person soon.