Rallying for Life

The Saint Dominic Pro-life rally will take place Tuesday, March 9

James McNellis

The Saint Dominic Pro-life rally will take place Tuesday, March 9

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

Calling all students who consider themselves pro-life! The first ever pro-life rally is once again coming up. After having to cancel the original date for the rally back in February due to heavy snow, the night is back on track to happen on March 9. All of the original speakers and other helpers are scheduled to, once again, make this night one to remember.

Since March 9 is a half day, the rally will begin after school that day at 12:30 in the PAC and will last until 2:30. Once the rally begins, there will be two guest speakers—one from fellow St. Dominic student Camryn Collier and one from a representative of birthright.

“My talk will focus on my experience with pro-life. I will focus on how my beliefs were challenged and how my family later expanded. I have not ever given a talk at a pro-life event, so I’m super excited!” Collier said.

Praise and worship music will be led by none other than Kyle Huelsing, our local superstar. Students who register to attend the rally ahead of time are able to get a Chick-fil-A lunch provided by the school. Lunches will include a sandwich, chips and a cookie.

This rally is the perfect opportunity to stand up for life as a school community. Teachers and students alike are registering to attend, hoping to support life. To register, look in your email for a message from Fr. Patrick which provides the link to register for the provided lunch.

“Since the D.C. trip didn’t happen because of COVID, we really wanted to give this type of pro-life opportunity to our school community,” Pro-Life moderator Mr. Duncan said.

It isn’t just members of the Pro-Life club that are excited about this great afternoon.

“I’m really hoping my wife and kids let me come to the rally because it sounds like the perfect chance to really grow in faith and fellowship with both the students and my coworkers. Even if I’m not able to go, this sounds like an amazing opportunity and I encourage everyone to sign up!” religion teacher Mr. Winkelmann said.

If you are needing something to do after school our next half day, consider registering to be a part of the generation standing up for life at the first ever St. Dominic Night of Life rally!