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Door Dash

Looking to make some fast cash? Check out these 5 jobs

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

Looking to make some fast cash? As teenagers, we are always trying to find new jobs or just ways to make some spending money. But of course, we don’t want a heavy duty stressful job on top of all the schoolwork, so here are five easy ways to make some fast cash.

5. Shoveling  Driveways/Yard work

People around the neighborhood are always excited to see teens off their devices and out of the house. This means they are willing to pay a good amount to let you get your energy out while shoveling during the winter, and just mowing the lawn during the summer. If you have the tools, you could possibly make over a few hundred dollars in the day—if you do a good job!

4. Become Ref or Umpire

Chances are, most of us played some sort of sports as a kid, so why not bring back the glory days and use your knowledge to run the game? It’s not the highest paying job, but it stacks up pretty fast, and time passes quickly throughout the day if you’re working tournaments or leagues.

3. Babysit

People are ALWAYS looking for a babysitter, whether they have plans or just need to have a night off. Babysitting is an easy job, with hopefully some well behaved kids. Babysitting has been the easiest job for fast cash for years on end, so why stop it now? All you have to do is check with your mom’s Facebook friends and get yourself a gig.

2. Instacart Shoppers

Get paid to shop for others in the grocery store, and you get work whenever it’s convenient for you! Sometimes you have to deliver as well, but you can get some pretty big tips on top of regular pay.

1. Doordash

With Covid and people still not wanting to leave their house, Doordash has become even more popular this year. All you have to do is sign up at www.doordashcom and have a car and some free time. Teens are making tons of money with a simple job of delivering food straight to your doorstep.

Although working may not be what you want to be doing in your free time, these jobs are easy and fast with good hours. Making money is always important and can get you a long way, and of course it’s always nice to just have some simple spending money.