Hockey is on the Way

The new St. Dominic hockey coaches are excited to build the program from the group up! Coach Heffington, Arens, and Herr

Kevin Roberts

The new St. Dominic hockey coaches are excited to build the program from the group up! Coach Heffington, Arens, and Herr

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

This past Thursday was the interest meeting for the new hockey team and the students were pouring through the doors. They also announced the three new hockey coaches.

Mr. Roberts, the athletic director, was very impressed with the numbers. He stated that when he sent out the survey asking if anyone was interested in getting a hockey team, the results back were overwhelming!

“I think it is going to be very successful, just based on the number of you that showed up today. I am really excited, I really am,” Mr. Roberts said.

He then introduced the new coaches, and we couldn’t be more excited to meet them. We hope they will bring life to our new program and get everyone involved!

Mr. Heffington

Mr. Heffington has actually worked with Mr. Roberts before at De Smet Jesuit high school. He heard about the opening from a board member, and was interested in coming out to St. Dominic. The three new coaches came as a package deal, because they had worked together in previous years.

“So when the school asked me [to coach] I asked them if I could bring my compadres along, because we work well together—we are kind of a team of coaches, if you will—we’ve coached together before,” Mr. Heffington said.

Mr. Heffington coached at De Smet for 20 years, the Rockets program, Chesterfield Central State and the Triple A Blues. He even coached out in California in some of the leagues out there when he was in the Marine Corps, and also has a little bit of roller hockey experience!

Mr. Arens

Mr. Arens heard about the opening from Mr. Heffington, obviously, as they all worked together. He was quick to say yes and get the ball moving without hesitation.

“My coaching experience started 2003-2004 at St. Peter’s Spirit, till about 2013-2014, and then I took a little time off and jumped back in at St. Peter’s in 2017. Then with the Rockets with these guys, and then now I’m back at St. Peter’s,” Mr. Arens said.

Mr. Arens met the other coaches while his son played hockey in high school. They all stated that the hockey community is very small, so it’s easy to make quick connections.

Mr. Herr

Mr. Heffington and Mr. Herr met when he transferred schools in eighth grade. They quickly bonded over their passion for playing hockey. Mr. Herr is excited to continue their friendship with coaching the St. Dominic team.

His experience started with Mites and Mini Mites to Midgets. He coached at Lindenwood for a D2 team, then AAA with the St. Louis Selects. He coached Valley Hockey and then went to Twin Bridges Hockey, and then coached at St. Peter’s and then the Rockets.

“When coaching high school I did Hazelwood Central, McCluer North, I did a year at Duchesne and I then did four years at MICDS. So it’s been a lot of years,” Mr. Herr said.

These coaches aren’t too worried about winning, as their main goal is to make high school memories and friendships that can grow into their adult life, and these coaches are a perfect example of that!