Sliding Into Spring Sports

After a long wait we are sliding into spring sports

Elianna Hagan

After a long wait we are sliding into spring sports

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

After a hard stop to the spring sports season last year, the St. Dominic community is ready to sprint right back into motion for an amazing season coming up. There are clanks of home runs being hit on the diamond, cleats tearing up the turf, the swishes of tennis rackets on the court, spikes digging into the track, the swing of clubs on the course, volleyballs bouncing on the gym floor and goals being shot on the grass.

Last March, teams only had about two weeks before COVID-19 shut down the world and their seasons were lost. Many athletes were still hopeful for the season to restart, but sadly that never happened.

“Last year was a huge disappointment, especially as a freshman, because I was excited to have my first high school golf season. I have been preparing for the upcoming season by doing my best at practices two to three times a week and trying to connect with the other team members,” sophomore Gavin Ramirez said.

The girls varsity soccer team is ready for the season to start, hoping for another successful season. Two years ago the 2019 team brought home a state title, and the girls were ready to bring it back again—but they had to wait just one more year.

“It is senior season, and this is something we have looked forward to since we were little freshmen. We have been on the field almost every week since November, and it’s up to us to put it all on the field leading up to the very last game,” senior Abby Alvord said.

Many teams were on a run they were looking to continue this year. Two years ago the baseball team had gone farther in the postseason than they had in years, and they are working to do this same this year.

“We have been ready to hit the field for the past year as a team, and we are looking to make it farther than the quarterfinals and get a state title this year. We have been in the bullpens and hitting in the cages for months, and we just want to be on the field,” senior Gabe Serri said.

Most teams are just jumping right back into routine, but the lacrosse team has a new coach—so things are a little different than usual.

“We have been having preseason workouts as usual, but we are getting to know our coach as well. I have been trying to better myself just by practicing stick skills and going to all the practices. I’m ready for a season, but it is nerve racking from having a year off,” junior Claire Donnelly said.

Losing a season isn’t easy for anyone, but playing indoors makes it even harder to continue your season safely. The boys volleyball team is being extra careful for this season, hoping to stay COVID-free.

“We have to wear masks at schools for matches, and we have to make sure we are being smart about what we do in our free time because we want to have a season and we are pumped to be on the court,” junior Anthony Anderson said.

Many people have been preparing with their teams for their upcoming seasons, but many have been doing their own personal training to be the best they can be this season.

“I have been going to the gym and using the treadmill more often than normal to condition. It is the worst feeling to show up to the first practice and be unprepared for what the coach has planned for you,” senior Knoll Hirtz said.

As all the teams hit their grind, the tennis team is ready for a powerful season. The boys are having to step up filling in high spots on the team, but no one is giving less than 100%.

“I have been playing almost every day, and I recently got hurt—but I have tried not to let that impact me, because I am ready to grind with the boys and bring in a powerful last season on the court,” senior Evan Williams said.

Although COVID brought a halt to last year, the teams are eager after their year long break to bring in their best seasons yet. Make sure to come and support all seven of our spring sports teams this year!