Will Woods Return?


Associated Press

Tiger Woods sustains major leg injury after car accident Tuesday morning.

Kennedy Jones, Staff Writer

Five-time Masters winner and world renowned golfer, Tiger Woods, got into a severe car-accident on Tuesday morning near Los Angeles. Woods sustained several injuries to his leg and had emergency surgery that same evening. The big question on everyone’s mind is will the 45-year-old make yet another comeback to the golf course?

Just one month after his fifth career back surgery, this most recent crash that crushed Woods’ leg threatens his hopes of returning to his sport. Authorities say that the SUV he was driving crossed a median and shot across two lanes of a windy downhill road before hitting a curb, a tree and finally landing on its side in some brush.

The injuries Woods sustained were mostly in his leg and ankle. The surgery he underwent required a rod, screws, pins and more to prevent amputation. It is also reported that Woods had no recollection of the accident after the surgery.

“I don’t think he was aware of how gravely he was injured at the time. It could be a mixture of adrenaline, it could’ve been shock,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez who arrived first at the scene.

This is not Wood’s first major injury. Throughout his career he has struggled with back problems that have hindered his appearance on the course. With these injuries, he always made comebacks, but many are unsure if he will be able to come back from this leg- shattering accident.

Officials said that Woods is lucky to be alive. When first responders arrived, there were no signs of impairment, and he was wearing a seatbelt which saved his life. First responders pried Woods out with an axe and not the jaws of life according to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

Although recovering from his major leg surgery will set Woods back for many months, this is not how Woods wants his career to end. Many speculate that he will never be able to come back from an injury like this to play professionally, but expect Woods to do whatever he can to end his career where he started it, on the golf course.