Snow Day Shenanigans

Crusaders had a blast last week enjoying all the snowy weather

Adri Weber

Crusaders had a blast last week enjoying all the snowy weather

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

As Missouri usually does in the winter season, we have had some crazy weather weeks this February. Just last week a huge snowfall came, making most of the country a winter wonderland. Because of this, our Crusaders had three snow-filled e-learning days last week, providing the perfect opportunity to bundle up and enjoy the great outdoors. From snowball fights to simply admiring the beauty of nature, there was something for everyone to do on their “days off.”

Freshman Andrew Weber chose to spend one of his e-learning days hitting the slopes and sledding with some of his family. The time with his family brought them closer together and provided a super fun afternoon.

“After mass on Ash Wednesday, my older sister took me and our two younger brothers out to Civic Park to go sledding for a while. It was super fun and I tried snowboarding for a while, but I was never very good at it. The little two boys had a blast there for sure though,” Weber said.

Similarly, junior Taytum Scarborough also spent a day having quality time with her family. The Scarborough family, however, chose to have a snowman making competition instead of sled races. Following a family tradition, Scarborough and her two sisters have a competition to see who can build the best snowman any time there’s enough snow to do so.

“My sisters and I always go all out to try and outdo each other and my parents always judge whose snowman is the best. Sadly, I didn’t win this year, but I had a lot of fun with everyone that day. The hot cocoa we got afterwards was better than winning anyway,” Scarborough said. 

Not everyone spent all their time playing in the snow last week, though. Upholding the St. Dominic pillars of service and community, junior Max Williams spent a lot of his time helping out in his neighborhood by shoveling driveways for his elderly neighbors.

“Whenever there’s a lot of snowfall and ice, I like to help out some of my older neighbors and shovel their driveways for them so they don’t slip or anything. They are always super appreciative of the help and usually pay me and my buddies in hot cocoa or sandwiches for our help. Nobody cooks a better grilled cheese than my neighbor down the street,” Williams said.

However you chose to spend your days at home, there was surely plenty of fun or relaxation for everyone. Be sure to keep these ideas in mind the next time you find yourself getting cabin fever. And, maybe if we’re lucky enough, we could get some more snow!