Broadcasting: St. Dominic’s Newest Class


Crusader Nation News

Elizabeth Petruso (left) and Max Williams (right) are the current anchors for Crusader Nation News.

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

It’s hard to believe the 2020-2021 school year is almost over, but as summer break and the new fall semester creep closer, so do opportunities and the opening of our science and technology building! The 2021-2022 school year will introduce new classes both within and outside the addition, including the journalism program’s newest broadcasting class.

Broadcasting will be a year long course open to juniors and seniors, worth one credit hour. The class will allow students to study the basic elements of broadcast journalism with a focus on writing and reporting well-balanced, comprehensive and visually compelling stories. The students will even be able to produce their own feature package by the end of the year.

The class will grant students first hand experience of professional deadlines while learning camera and studio skills. This gives the class a professional feel, similar to working on broadcast journalism in the real world. It’s all about getting your work done and turning it in before a certain deadline. The camera and studio skills learned will be enhanced by the new journalism wing in the new STEM building currently under construction.

“Hopefully the new building will allow for some cool equipment,” junior Max Williams said.

Many Crusaders know Williams as one of the main anchors on St. Dominic’s broadcast, Crusader Nation News. However, while he will still anchor, Williams will also be helping guide future broadcast anchors. Mr. Duncan will be teaching the class and will utilize Williams to help with new students in writing Crusader Nation News and demonstrating how to be a good anchor. He cannot wait to share his knowledge with others while continuing to learn more from Mr. Duncan.

“I am so excited to take this class next year and help other students learn about the broadcast. I would recommend this class for anyone even remotely interested in journalism or the broadcast. It’s going to be super fun,” Williams said.

“Max has learned so much the past two years. It will be great to have him help first time broadcast students as he furthers his knowledge of broadcasting live,” Mr. Duncan said.

Between the new building, help from Williams and Mr. Duncan, and students ready to learn and apply their new-found skills, we’re sure to see some stellar projects next year from the new broadcasting class!