Putting Christ First


Xander Phillips

Senior Xander Phillips explains how Keeping Christ at the Center of your relationship can change your life.

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day just passed, and we got to see how couples do different things on their special day. However, we begin to wonder, how do some people keep their relationship positive and healthy all year around?

Answer—by keeping God at the center of their relationship! God is the center of all love, and being able to be faithful to each other and the Lord at the same time leads to a beautiful relationship. Senior Xander Phillips has found ways to keep God at the center of his relationship, even when things can be difficult.

“Keeping God at the center of my relationship is hard, and probably the hardest part about any relationship, but we have found a few ways to make it easier and get on our track to Heaven together,” Phillips said.

From going to adoration and confession weekly to youth groups every Sunday, there are many little ways to just simply keep God present in your life.

“We have become accountable for each other, and we talk about how our prayer life is just to know if there are things in our life we need help with. It also keeps us closer to God throughout everything,” Phillips said.

Keeping God at the center of any relationship or life in general is hard, and it never becomes easy. There are always new things that attempt to make us stray away from God, but we can help each other to stay on the right track.

“We struggle all the time, because it is hard to think of God first in many situations. Especially during tough spots or in an argument,” Phillips said.

When things are going rough in life, it is hard to look on the positive side. It’s always easier to just see the worst, and it is easier to be pulled away from God in those moments.

“The only advice I can give is make an effort and be consistent. All you can do is strive for God in your lives. When God is in the center it sets an amazing foundation that will lead you both to a journey of eternal life with our Lord,” Phillips said.

Although loving your significant other everyday is important, so is loving them with God in the center of you both. The goal of any relationship is to get each other to Heaven and see them succeed in life. Thank you Xander, for the amazing advice on how to keep God at our centers!