Trump on Trial?

Depending on the outcome of the trial, Trump could potentially never run for federal office again.

Stefani Reynolds

Depending on the outcome of the trial, Trump could potentially never run for federal office again.

Max Williams, Staff Writer

When former president Donald Trump was first elected back in 2016, not many could have guessed that he would have been the third president to be impeached in the country’s history. Yet, even fewer could have predicted that he would be facing impeachment charges for a second time; he is now being charged with high crimes and misdemeanors

Unfortunately, Trump’s presidency has been plagued with controversy over the past few years, and the effects of this can be seen in the results of this past November’s election. Although, despite President Joe Biden’s recent victory, the name of Donald Trump still rings out across the nation in light of his second impeachment trial, which began on Tuesday, February 9.

It is commonly known that former president Trump disagreed with the results of the election, but the aftermath that ensued could potentially get Trump convicted and prohibited from holding any federal office job again. Obviously these are serious charges, which brings into question, what did Trump actually do to get here?

Amidst all of the confusing terms and processes, Trump is being impeached mainly for three things in particular that are fairly simple once broken down, and each one of these involves the recent election and his reaction to the results.

The first being that he claimed to have won the election when in reality, the result was far from in favor of the former president. However, despite the actual results he spoke out to various crowds to say that he had won.

Trump is also being charged for inciting a riot due to his remarks surrounding the event that occurred in Washington D.C. just last month. On a seemingly normal day at the Capitol, a large group of people, who were equally as unhappy about the election as then President Trump, attempted an attack on the building and those inside. After many of the protestors and law enforcement officials alike were injured, fingers were pointed at the former president himself for causing all of the mayhem.

Last but not least, Trump is being accused of attempting to raise the tally of votes in the state of Georgia. Phone calls of Trump speaking with the Secretary of State in Georgia and attempting to raise the votes to just pass Biden for that state were even found after some investigation.

Now that these are the three primary conflicts which Trump is being tried for, it is only a matter of time before a verdict is reached. This past Tuesday, there was a debate on whether or not the trial was even constitutional, but now that the green light has been given, the proceedings may be complete as soon as the beginning of next week. Depending on when the court is held and how many witnesses are called upon, the trial itself may be relatively short.

Regardless of the outcome, this event will surely go down in history as Trump is the only president to ever be tried for impeachment two seperate times. Only time will tell if Donald Trump is allowed to ever run for a government office again, but the trial will potentially be closed soon with a verdict.