Major Victory for Pro-Life Movement

The outside of the last Planned Parenthood facility in Missouri.

Associated Press

The outside of the last Planned Parenthood facility in Missouri.

Emma Larkin, Staff Writer

Many rumors have stated that Missouri is the first abortion-free state in the United States. While such a statement seems extreme, the rumors are true: Missouri has stopped abortion procedures.

As of late, the Planned Parenthood building, formerly located in St. Louis, was the only licensed abortion facility left in the state of Missouri. While the Planned Parenthood is still open and remains licensed to complete the procedures, no abortions are being performed there. Operation Rescue, a pro-life activist organization dedicated to restoring legal personhood to pre-born babies, confirmed that Planned Parenthood has stopped abortions for the past several months. This means Missouri is entirely free of operational abortion facilities.

Instead, Planned Parenthood is telling people to seek procedures at their new facility in Illinois, which is right across the river. While Planned Parenthood still retains their license to do abortion procedures, they have recently chosen not to perform them.

Many people are beginning to speculate that the reason for the cease of procedures may be the dark history of the facility based in St. Louis. Around 75 medical emergencies and multiple life-threatening abortions were documented at that facility over the years.

Additionally, Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue, theorizes the reason for the lack of abortions is because of Missouri’s strong pro-life laws. He believes Planned Parenthood wishes to avoid complying with Missouri’s laws by opting to perform abortions in Illinois, where abortion laws are lenient.

Missouri may be the first abortion free state, but it certainly will not be the last. States like Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming and South Dakota all have only one abortion facility left in their respective states.

Fortunately for the sake of future generations, many leaders continue to work tirelessly on ways to protect unborn babies and their mothers. They create new laws including health and safety regulations, fund resources for mothers in distress, and speak up about this issue of abortion. With low abortion rates and the closing of several abortion facilities, the state of Missouri is proof their efforts to end abortion are paying off.