Substitutes Saving St. Dominic

Substitue, Ms. Hardy returns to Dominic after graduate a few years ago to teach this time

Ashley DeCosty

Substitue, Ms. Hardy returns to Dominic after graduate a few years ago to teach this time

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

At St. Dominic, we appreciate all of our teachers’ hard work and dedication. This also goes for our amazing substitute teachers, who save the day when our teachers can’t make it in.

The substitute teachers sacrifice their time to help our Dominic teachers out. Especially this year with COVID-19, they go the extra mile to ensure the safety of the students.  

“This year is definitely different with COVID, being concerned about the well being of the students and that they are following the protocol of COVID and the school and keeping their masks on and to practice social distancing,” substitute teacher Mr. Monday said.

Many substitutes have been at Dominic for a while now either coaching or attending the school in their previous teenage years. Yet, outside the classroom, each of these substitutes have a life and hobbies of their own.

“I graduated from Dominic and it’s so awesome to see how much everything has changed since I’ve been here…I love coaching cheer here…I also just graduated so it’s great to be back with my hometown friends” substitute teacher Ms. Hardy said.

“I spend a lot of time watching my grandkids play sports and when not doing that I love visiting my condo in Florida,” substitute Mrs. Luedeke said.

Most of Dominic’s substitutes are coming back from retirement to teach again. Being back in the school environment reminds them of their older days teaching and the stories that made them love it.

“I love being back with the kids, I miss teaching full time. Now at least I can be in the classroom with the kids while not having to do it full time,” Mrs. Luedeke said.

“I love coming back to teach for the students, the enjoyment of being able to help the students out and be part of the team,” Mr. Monday said.

During this time where teachers may need to take more time off for sickness or precaution, due to COVID-19, we strongly appreciate our substitutes at St. Dominic. Their bright energy brings a fresh face into our typical class schedules and a new approach to the class for a day or two.