The Drama in Drama: Announcing the Spring Musical

a sign announcing the musical and information is placed on a table outside of Mrs. Findley's room.

Elise Newman

a sign announcing the musical and information is placed on a table outside of Mrs. Findley’s room.

Elise Newman, Staff Writer

The actors and actresses of St. Dominic have had a crazy couple of weeks, but at last the long-awaited announcement of the spring musical has taken center stage.

Wednesday afternoon, director Mrs. Findley announced that the spring musical would be Curtains. Curtains, is a critically-acclaimed musical written by the same creators of Chicago and Cabaret. The musical takes place during a show; therefore, it is a show within the show, but once the lead actress is murdered, the whole cast is seen as suspects. Curtains is a hilarious show full of murder, love, and music that the whole family can enjoy.

Curtains was chosen to be the new musical after the original show, Once on this Island was canceled due to concerns raised about the ethical background of the show. For actors, going from performing High School (Non) Musicala funny spoof on High School Musical—to preparing for auditions for Once on this Island, to now having to prepare for Curtains, has been challenging.

“I’m pretty nervous for auditions because I practiced really hard for Once on This Island auditions and the new show is a completely different style to learn, but I’m confident I’ll still have fun in any role I get because of how bright the musical is,” junior Caroline Cunningham said.

Despite the stress surrounding auditions, many of the students can’t wait to get started on the new, suspenseful show.

“This is my senior year and I’m so excited to be able to put on a show despite the current COVID situation. Curtains is so funny and I’m really glad that that’s the show we are doing,” senior Caleb Stoddard said.

Cunningham, Stoddard, and the other students surely have their work cut out for them as they prepare to perform a full-fledged musical in five weeks. However, the Crusader Players never disappoint, and this show will certainly leave audiences on the edge of their seats, long after the “curtains” fall. More information on how to get involved with the show can be found outside Mrs. Findley’s classroom on the small stage.