Hyped For High School (Non) Musical

Cast and Crew members gather backstage before the last dress rehearsal! (from left to right: Emily Baird, Sophie Juergensmeyer, Paige Hunt, Hunter Bunge)

Max Williams

Cast and Crew members gather backstage before the last dress rehearsal! (from left to right: Emily Baird, Sophie Juergensmeyer, Paige Hunt, Hunter Bunge)

Max Williams, Staff Writer

As the long awaited Snowcoming week begins to wrap up, there are plenty of exciting

events happening that have been in the works for a long time now. Finally, our Performing Arts Department will be able to debut their hilarious play this weekend, High School (Non) Musical,as a way to start the semester off with a good laugh.

Everybody can remember watching the original High School Musical movies as a kid when they first aired on Disney Channel in the 2000’s. Surely no one could ever forget the first time Zac Efron appeared on screen in his Wildcat attire or when Vanessa Hudgens sang for the first time as Gabriella. The movies were characterized by the cheesy dance moves, childhood romance, and soundtracks, yet are still revered by so many people even today. In fact, the TV show, High School Musical: The Musical The Series proved that there is still a huge audience for the franchise, when it launched in 2019 on Disney+.

As much as people loved the movies when they originally came out, it’s hard to not make fun of the corniness of some of the movies most famous scenes. This is exactly what High School (Non) Musical does, and many of the actors can’t get enough of it, especially sophomore Gia Danhoff.

“There are so many funny scenes that make me think back to how ridiculous some parts of the original movie were. If you are a big fan of the first High School Musical movie, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this show. It’s amazing,” Danhoff said.

There are so many different moments that are sure to make you crack up, but junior Hunter Bunge has one particular favorite part of the show.

“My favorite scene is when Caleb Stoddard [senior] belts out into song on stage. He’s pretty quiet for most of the show, which makes the moment even funnier,” Bunge said.

As obvious as it is that the high school cast has fun on stage performing with each other, junior Jacob Moore pointed out how much he loves working with the grade school members of the cast as well. Since this is the winter show, there are plenty of kids from 6th to 8th grade who perform right alongside our own St. Dominic students.

“It’s great to work with the kids because I love seeing the young actors learn and find inspiration in theatre. I just hope that we can get even more young people in our St. Dominic theatre program so that we can continue to grow and so that others can discover the same passion that I have found,” Moore said.

Overall, there are many reasons to come see High School (Non) Musical as the dates of the shows draw near. Whether you’re watching to remind yourself of old childhood memories, to get a glimpse of all the fun that the actors have on stage, or simply to see the young talent that might come to St. Dominic in the near future, there’s definitely something for everyone. The showtimes are 7:00pm on Thursday night, 7:00pm on Saturday night, and 3:00pm during the day on Sunday. Remember: St. Dominic students are allowed a free ticket to each show, so make sure you get a hold of some tickets or the link to the livestream and support your fellow Crusaders.