Putting The Fun In Family Time


Doug Small

Mr. Small’s and Mrs. Lang’s family plays a round robin tournament of cup pong

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writer

This year the family captains are trying their best to try to come up with super fun activities to make family time the best it can be. The most important thing about family time is getting to know each other as a community while having a good time together. There are so many fun activities you can come up with to spice up your family time.

Bonding Activities

Bonding is something that every family time should prioritize. There are so many activities that your family time could do to bond including things like creating accountability partners to have a day to meet up with every week on a certain day so that we get to know each other more. Another thing you could do in your family time is just play “Get To Know You” games! Everyone gets in a big circle and each person normally announces their name, their grade, and an interesting fact about themselves. We are raising a family throughout the years, so let’s get to know each other.

Cup Games

Sometimes you just need to find things around to get creative and take advantage of your time. There are always cups provided for you in the T-Hallway for you to use in family time. Cup pong tournaments are always so fun to do and they get everyone to participate! There are multiple other games you can play with cups like a cup stacking competition or even flip cup games.

Card Games

Everyone loves a good card game! With just one stack of cards, there are a variety of different games and activities. A few personal favorites that I know of are Uno, War, Go Fish, Pash the Trash, and many more! So go check out these games or make one of your own. There is no limit when it comes to card games.


When it comes to charades you can play on separate teams to get a little family competition. There can be two or or more teams when it comes to charades, but there is no limit. This can be played electronically or by picking what you are acting out, out of a hat. Another way that my family time loves to play charades is by using an app called Heads Up. Heads Up puts a topic on your screen for one person to hold above their head while everyone else is acting out the word or phrase on the screen. If the guesser says the correct answer, they flip the device and get a point. This is an easy and perfect way to keep everyone involved.

Minute To Win It

During Minute to Win It competitions, you have one minute for your team to complete a given task and whoever finishes first wins. An example of these quick-paced games includes a water bottle flipping contest. Minute to Win It games could also go along with some of the cup games! For example, you have a minute to stack and unstack cups or make as many ping pong balls into the cups as you can.


This game is perfect for the artists of your family time! Pictionary is a game where players attempt to guess the words from the pictures drawn by their teammates. The creativity in this game is endless!

These are just a few, simple ideas to increase bonding and competition, but the opportunities are endless for your family to come together and have some fun. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone!