Eagle Scouts Flying High at Dominic


Max Williams

Brian Wolf (left), Jack Beyer (middle), and Eli Fogarty (right) have all made lasting friendships with each other through Boy Scouts.

Max Williams, Staff Writer

Anyone involved in the Boy Scouts of America organization will have gained skills, character, and experience that will last a lifetime, but only a few reach the treasured title of Eagle Scout. Having said that, seniors Eli Fogarty, Brian Wolf, and Jack Beyer are three of our very own Crusaders who have gone above and beyond to achieve this status.

The Boy Scouts program has been around for just over 110 years now, and with those years comes a great reputation. For over a century, young boys have grown up to become self-sufficient men with great character and many unique skills that they can apply to their everyday lives. Today, a common image that appears in most people’s minds upon hearing the words “Boy Scout” is a bunch of camping trips and wilderness exploration. While this is only a small fraction of what they do, the camping experiences are accompanied by an endless amount of memories and thrills.

“Camping has definitely been one of my favorite things to do, especially with Bryan and Jack. One of my all time favorite memories was almost getting bitten by a snake at one of my first big camp outs when I was in either fifth or sixth grade. It was a very scary, but exciting experience that I’ll never forget,” Fogarty said.

In a similar way, one of Wolf’s favorite memories revolved around an entire trip that greatly impacted him.

“One of the biggest things I did was when I went on a ‘high adventure camp,’ which was basically a week of me being in the middle of nowhere with a few other scouts and adults. There were many opportunities for these over the years, but I didn’t go on this particular one until about my sophomore year of high school,” Wolf said.

However, there is much more to be learned from Boy Scouts than just how to avoid getting bitten by a snake or living for a week in the wilderness. All three of the Eagle Scouts here at St. Dominic had something to say about their newfound attributes that they have gained over their many years of being Boy Scouts.

“It definitely taught me what to do and what not to do as a leader. It also taught me how to be a very organized person and how to lead others in an effective way,” Fogarty said.

It’s safe to say that leadership is definitely something that is emphasized over the course of the Boy Scouts journey considering that Wolf also had something to say about how he grew into a better leader over the years.

“Boy Scouts has taught me a lot about contributing to something without expecting something in return, and I think this makes a great leader. We always focused on ‘doing your part’ individually in a group in order to accomplish something,” Wolf said.

Yet, one thing that our three Eagle Scouts remember most is the lasting friendships that they have made with others. Jack Beyer can especially remember when he first started to meet some of his best friends through the program.

“I transferred into a new troop when I first moved out to this area so I didn’t know anybody at first before coming in, and it took a year or two before I made some really really close friends like Bryan. Me and him eventually became so close with another friend that we formed a small group, which we called the ‘trifecta.’ Those were definitely some of the closest relationships I’ve made in Boy Scouts over the years. I also developed a great relationship with my scoutmaster, who not only taught me a lot through scouts but was also my confirmation sponsor as well,” Beyer said.

Clearly, Boy Scouts has made these three Crusaders into the incredible people they are today. Each one said that all the time spent was well worth it because it seems to have paid off. Not only do they have the title of Eagle Scout now after many years, but they also have every skill and amazing personality trait that comes with that prestigious title.