The “Hottest” Winter Treat


Abby Obert

Hot chocolate bombs have been a popular treat during the winter season.

Abby Obert, Staff Writer

Hot chocolate bombs are the new trend of the last several months. Whether you choose to DIY or buy them from someone else, they seem to be a “hot” pick during the winter season.

During quarantine, many people went out of their shell and tried new things in the kitchen. The creative wheels kept turning into December and people started making hot chocolate bombs.

Hot chocolate bombs are balls of chocolate filled with all sorts of things that you would add to your hot chocolate to make it even sweeter. These treats turn bland drinks into something delicious that will keep you warm during the cold seasons, while having fun during the process of making them. Hot chocolate bombs are super easy and simple to make. It takes very few tools and ingredients to whip up.

First, you need to pick what chocolate you want to enclose all of the candies and treats on the inside. Then, you have to find a mold to shape the hot chocolate bomb. Once the mold hardens, fill one side with anything you want to spice up the flavor, such as marshmallows, chocolate chips or flavored hot chocolate mix. Once one side is filled, melt the edges of the other piece to connect it and finish the final product. Now you have a hot chocolate bomb!

Once your hot chocolate bomb is made, warm up some milk or water and drop the treat into your mug. It will then melt, and all of the ingredients will explode into the liquid of your choice.

People have fallen in love with this warm treat to the point of making themed boxes of homemade hot chocolate bombs. There have been themes based off of the winter season and even holiday movies! So go pick up some ingredients, get creative and make those boring winter nights a little more eventful with your own hot chocolate bomb to enjoy or share.