Tuning in to True Crime

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“Today in True Crime” is one of the most popular crime podcasts on Spotify

Kalea Reeves, Staff Writer

Podcasts have taken the entertainment industry by storm in recent years, and one of the most popular genres is true crime. However, with hundreds of different podcasts to listen to, it can be a little overwhelming to pick one to listen to. Here are some of the best and most popular podcasts, which dive into the dark and mysterious world of true crime.


A staple in crime podcasts, Serial dives into a specific case each season. It follows host and journalist Sarah Koenig as she investigates the cases, creating an enthralling story that you can’t help but listen to. The podcast includes audio of interviews and details of the investigation to give the listener the full story of what happened.

Cold Case Files

Inspired by the popular A&E show of the same name, Cold Case Files explores the ⅓ of murders which have been labeled cold cases. Each episode closes one of these cases due to new witness testimony, forensic evidence or modern technology. Host Brooke Gittings gives hope for victims and their families, and although a murder case seems impossible to solve, there is still a possibility for justice.

Today in True Crime

Today in True Crime is a daily podcast in which host Vanessa Richardson dives into an event that happened in true crime on the same day. Whether it is a murder, robbery, arrest, trial or conviction, you get a little history lesson on the world of true crime. There is always something exciting in every episode, so you’ll never be bored with this podcast.

True Spies

It is not the typical true crime stories covering murder or kidnapping cases; the True Spies podcast hosted by Hayley Atwell and Vanessa Kirby is all about, you guessed it, spies! Each episode explores a different spy operation narrated by an operative that was on that mission. From Mossad to the CIA, you get a little taste of the lives of top secret agents. The hosts interrupt every so often, asking you what you would do, engaging the listener so that you’ll never want to stop listening.


If you’re more interested in the darker underworld of crime and the men and women who run it, the podcast Kingpins is for you. Every week host Roain Atwood dives into the kingpins of organized crime and how they corrupted the communities they worked in. How can we stop these bosses from taking over our world? Tune in to find out.

These podcasts are interesting and engaging for all lovers of true crime. If you’re looking for something else to listen to or crime just isn’t your thing, go listen to our St. Dominic podcast Crusader Conversations for all your podcast needs!