Bruegenhemke Modeling Justice

Senior Emma Bruegenhemke receiving her MLK Model of Justice award

Emma Breugenhemke

Senior Emma Bruegenhemke receiving her MLK Model of Justice award

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

Senior Emma Bruegenhenke had the honor of receiving the Martin Luther King Jr. Award on Sunday, January 17, at the Cathedral Basilica—and it was presented to her by Archbishop Rozanski.

The MLK Model of Justice Award is presented to either a junior or a senior from parishes/highschools around the Archdiocese every year who model justice and peace in their day to day lives.

“I was nominated by my youth group to receive the award and being able to receive the award was very humbling! It gave me so much hope as other people received it as well, for the future generations and the country,” Emma said.

Emma was not the only one nominated from her youth group, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She had quite a few of her friends right there with her, but Emma ultimately won the award. 

“It was her full understanding of social justice as an aspect of our Catholic faith that is to be lived that set her apart, as well as how this embrace of social justice and dignity of the human person factors into how she would like to serve the world through her future career in law or medicine,” youth minister, Becky Whitaker, said.

Living out a life of peace and justice in the world we live in isn’t always easy, but Emma has learned to find the best in everyday life and keep on living a life like Christ.

“I am going to continue to live out this life, whether that means speaking up for the hurting, helping better my community or simply just loving my brothers and sisters in Christ. We are called to serve, and there is never a lack of service,” Emma said.

We can all learn from Emma on how to serve and accept others. Congratulations and thank you, Emma, for being such an amazing example in our community!