Healthy Habits


Ashley DeCosty

Seniors Cate Cato and Sarah Herr showing a perfect example of a healthy habit especially during COVID. Don’t forget to wash your hands and stay safe during these times!

Ashley DeCosty, Staff Writers

This time of year we start to let the winter season get the best of us, and many of us even spiral into seasonal depression. Especially this year with COVID-19, we have to do everything we can to keep ourselves healthy and safe! Instead of letting the cold get to us and bring us down, let’s do our best to take care of our physical and mental health.


One way to help not only your physical health, but your mental health too, is exercising on a regular basis. Staying active makes everyone feel good, and obviously helps to keep you in shape. Exercising can also be a great way to let out your emotions, and it releases tons of stress and anxiety. Going for a run or lifting some weights may hurt in the moment, but afterwards you’ll want to go for another round!

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy helps so much with your mindset and your health. You can instantly feel better just by eating a full, healthy, refreshing meal. Keeping up with a good diet will increase your mood and give you a happier outlook over time. For most people, this is probably the most difficult part of staying healthy. We have so much fast food around us that it’s hard to avoid the pressure of the greasy, unhealthy food!


Though it may sound strange to some, writing everything down in a journal or notebook can be an easy way to let out your emotions. If you can’t think of anything to write about, start with how your overall day went, your emotions throughout the day or how your day ended. That may get the creative juices flowing and help to get out what’s really on your mind. Journaling has zero limits, so write whatever you want!

Sleep Schedule

Good sleep is essential for a happy life! To keep a good sleep schedule, try setting a specific time for bed every single night. It’s important to turn your phone off at least 30 minutes before bed, as the screen can keep you awake and even start to cause headaches. Don’t waste your day away by sleeping through the sun—sure, it may feel good in the moment, but then you lose hours of daylight and feel groggy for a good amount of the day as well.

Wash Your Hands

One habit that we all need now with COVID-19 is simply just to wash your hands—more often than usual. After different classes or events, it’s essential that we all continue to use hand sanitizer or go for a quick wash in the bathroom. COVID-19 is still prominent in our everyday lives, so to keep everyone healthy, stay vigilant and wash your hands.

Go Offline

Social media can really have a negative effect on our mental (and even physical) health. Sometimes, we just need a break from all of the expectations and toxicity we deal with on a daily basis. There are easy ways to take some time to focus on yourself and the activities outside of the screen—spend some time with friends and family, read a book or even try yoga! This winter season, try deleting some of your social media apps for a few hours and see what’s going on with the real world.

Speak Up

When you’re having a bad day, and all you want to do is rant and scream, it’s so satisfying to finally let it all out! Talking about all the problems in your life can relieve a ton of pressure, even if you don’t want to speak about the whole story. There are so many people who care and are willing to listen, so don’t be afraid to let out your emotions when you need to.

Adventure Out

Even though COVID-19 has overtaken our world, you can still go outside! Just make sure to wear a mask and social distance when around others, or adventure freely out in your own backyard. When you’re having a bad day, or maybe just need to get a breath of fresh air, a walk or a run can be a simple, refreshing getaway.

There are so many options that can keep your health up throughout winter. If we help each other out (from a distance!) we can all make it through this cold season together. Let’s stay safe!