High School (Non) Musical

The cast of High School 
(Non) Musical are excited for everyone to see the show!


The cast of High School (Non) Musical are excited for everyone to see the show!

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

The performing arts program is starting 2021 off with their production of High School (Non) Musical. But due to our ever-changing word, things have been constantly switching up on us.

The production, as of right now, is postponed to January 28, 30 and 31. There will also be no rehearsals until January 19–this is to make sure that everyone can remain safe and healthy.

Anyone who has purchased tickets for the production will have their tickets rolled forward to the corresponding day of the reschedule. If you purchased tickets for the  Friday show, those are moved to the Thursday production. Anyone who is not able to attend the corresponding day, or no longer wants to attend the production, will receive a full refund.

High School (Non) Musical is an interesting twist on the classic Disney movie High School Musical. Toy Boatin, played by junior Max Williams, is Roswell High’s bowling star. Surgical prodigy Gaberella, played by junior Lydia Melton, transfers, and is immediately drafted into the surgical decathlon team. Both Toy and Gaberella want more.

Mrs. Findley opened this show up to the middle schoolers so they could perform alongside the high schoolers as a feeder for when they come to high school.

“I love working with all the children involved that might be coming to St. Dominic. I can remember way back when I was in their same shoes,” Williams said.

The cast members are not the only ones working hard. The crew has been busy programming lights, building the set and picking out costumes.

“The most rewarding and most challenging part has been the workload, but I feel really proud of the effort I have been putting in,” junior Elise Newman, head of costumes, said.

The cast and crew are all still aware and are taking percostions to make sure that everyone is still staying safe and healthy. Everyone is required to wear masks and social distance, and they are sanitizing all shared costumes and microphones every rehearsal.

This is a show you don’t want to miss out on! The cast and crew are excited to put on this show, and they even say there’s a surprise at the end that you won’t want to miss. Get your tickets now, because this show will be out of this world!