New Year, New Shows

WandaVision is one of the many new shows to look forward to watching this year

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WandaVision is one of the many new shows to look forward to watching this year

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

Everyone had high expectations for the events and outcomes going into the new year. However, has anyone stopped to think about their expectations for the new shows premiering this year? The new year has plenty of shows in the making for fans of all sorts, from action to documentaries to sci-fi. Better yet, new seasons of previous years favorite shows will make their debut in the months to come.

New Shows

WandaVision (release date: January 15)

For all those Marvel fans out there, this is a show you should definitely add to your must watch list. In this family sit-com type show, the Avengers Wanda and Vision have the spotlight they deserve! The directors and writers have said this show will set up both the upcoming Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness and the currently untitled Spider-Man movies. Be sure to renew your Disney+ account to get in on the excitement around WandaVision and more upcoming releases.

Inventing Anna (release date: TBD)

A thrilling new series about the life of a con artist is making its way to Netflix sometime this year. This show will dive into the ways of Anna Delvey, a real life con artist, and how she manipulated the powerful and rich people of New York for her personal gain. Anyone who enjoys psychology or crime-type shows, this one’s for you.

The D’Amelio Show (release date: TBD)

Anyone on TikTok knows of the D’Amelio family, specifically Charli D’Amelio’s overnight fame. This eight episode series goes into the lifestyle of the family as they learn how to deal with their newfound fame and success. Newt works have said the show will be somewhat similar to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so any fans of the infamous Kardashians may also find The D’Amelio Show entertaining as well. The show will first premiere on Hulu, and then may expand to other streaming sites if demand increases.

New Seasons

Stranger Things (release date: TBD)

After a shocking cliffhanger at the end of season three, the Duffer Brothers have already begun working on season four of the extremely successful sci-fi series. This season will look into the disappearance of Hopper, and viewers will learn more about the strange creatures coming from the Upside Down. Being a Netflix original series, Stranger Things season four will be released on Netflix just as the previous seasons have.

The Handmaid’s Tale (release date: TBD)

Last season left the audience in shock after the discovery of June in the woods. For anyone who has anxiously been awaiting season four, the wait is only a little longer! Fans can expect to see more of the escaped handmaidens’ lives, and the outcome of June from when we last saw her in the season three finale. This season is sure to be full of great plot and unexpected surprises. The release date hasn’t been announced, but season four will premiere sometime this year on Hulu.

High School Musical: The Series (release date: TBD)

The huge success of season one of High School Musical: The Series has made season two a very imminent possibility. Season one left lead character Nini with a huge decision: go to her dream school or stay with her dream boy? Season two will give the answers to this big question once it airs on Disney+. The new season will also include the play Beauty and the Beast alongside the events happening between the characters. After the hit songs of actress Olivia Rodrigo, the show is sure to grab attention as soon as it’s released.

If you ever find yourself stuck at home this year, try out some of these binge worthy shows. They are sure to provide the entertainment you need for whatever occasion! Keep following SDHS Nation for reviews on some of our favorite shows as well.