The Bachelor Breaking Down Racial Barriers

Matt James stars as the first black Bachelor for the 25th season

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Matt James stars as the first black Bachelor for the 25th season

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

With The Bachelor being one of the most popular reality television shows over the years, fans are sprawling over the announcement of the new season this 2021. Season 25 of this drama-filled show began on January 4th and reality TV fans are going crazy over the new bachelor who will take on a house full of 30 women looking for love.

History has been made with the announcement that, this season, ABC has acquired the first ever black bachelor. Matt James was a former contestant during the previous season of The Bachelorette with Claire Crawley. Yet, ABC claimed that James was the perfect fit for the leading role of this journey to true happiness, and was therefore announced as the new bachelor before Crawley’s season began filming.

Fire spread with fans bickering over how the show has a major lack of diversity. With a total of 40 seasons, there has only ever been one other black lead. Rachel Lindsay starred in The Bachelorette as the first ever dominant black woman on the show. Lindsay explained that she would leave the franchise if diversity and treatment of the cast members are not met at the highest potential. A petition titled “A Campaign for Anti-Racism on The Bachelor” has been circulating ever since the announcement of Matt James.

Filming began in September and quickly ended in late November. James’ season was filmed at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort located in the state of Pennsylvania and is said to have more of a cozy, new rural vibe with it being filmed during the autumn season. Promotions spread throughout Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, causing Bachelor fans to get on the edge of their seats, preparing for the new season.

An inside sneak peak of the show was given for the upcoming season of Matt meeting some of the contestants. Lots of tears and transparent personalities were said to be revealed during the first meetings. One of the contestants was also said to trip while walking up to meet James. Also in the promotional clips, James reveals that he has never been in love. With The Bachelor being the perfect outlet for finding love, James is in for a wonderful ride.

With little information given on what the upcoming season holds for the future, The Bachelor fans are about to experience a season like never before in Bachelor history. These 30 women will fight with their love to prove they are the right fit for James in the end. Will Matt James find true love? Watch this season of The Bachelor to find out.