Top Ten Christmas Gifts of 2020

Weighted blankets were one of the most popular Christmas Gifts this year.

Mollie Johanson

Weighted blankets were one of the most popular Christmas Gifts this year.

Elise Newman

After lots of research, I have found what I believe to be the top ten best Christmas presents of 2020. These gifts were all huge hits this past year, and brought a lot of light into what was considered a dark year.

10. Baby Yoda Plush

Starting off at number ten, most people spent their quarantines binge-watching tv and falling in love with the characters on their screens. One of the most popular shows was The Mandalorian, featuring the iconic and adorable baby Yoda. A baby Yoda plush was not only a big hit last year, but this year again as well. People quickly pegged baby Yoda as a comfort character, and so receiving him in the form of a soft plush was a great gift to receive.

9. Phillips Electric Toothbrush

Not only was 2020 focused on comfort, it focused on hygiene, so what better gift to receive than an electric toothbrush! While many may be surprised to see an electric toothbrush clench the ninth spot on the list, this isn’t any ordinary dental tool. This is the Phillips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100. It was able to stand out for its many features such as the ability to time the recommended brushing time. It also has a much longer battery life and has a pressure sensor to protect teeth and gums from brushing pressure. While this toothbrush was a bit pricier, there’s no doubt it’s high quality. With all of it’s great reviews it secured its spot underneath the tree.

8. Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Christmas is a season for spending quality time with the people you miss. An experience that was lacking this year, as many have gone months without seeing the ones they love. So, whether it be a long distance relationship, friendship, or just someone you’ve been missing, long-distance friendship lamps were a hit this year. They brought light into so many relationships, both literally and figuratively. These lamps claim the number eight spot as they are great ways to let someone know you are thinking of them. With one tap, the lamp lights up it’s twin, no matter the distance. This simple tap can bring a little bit of light into someone’s life and let them know that there is someone thinking of them.

7. Scented Candles

While the previous gifts on the list were ones that required a bit more thought, number seven is a classic. Scented candles are practically a staple around the holidays with a plethora of scents! Bath and Body Works always has new and exciting scents to experiment with or you can stick to the traditional Yankee Candle scents. Scented candles not only to light up a room, but also add a pleasant aroma to an otherwise not as pleasant place.

6. Resistance Bands

With all the time spent at home this year, it’s no wonder that the sixth best gift is related to fitness. With many gyms closed, resistance bands offered a great way to push oneself at home and at their own pace. While being inexpensive, these bands were great stocking stuffers and motivators for all those New Year’s resolutions.

5. Nintendo Switch Lite

Not only did fitness items blow up this year, but so did technology. Quarantine left a lot of people to their own devices so it’s no surprise that the top five spot is taken by the newest Nintendo product. The Nintendo Switch Lite flew off the shelves during the Christmas season as one of the newest and coolest gaming systems out there. Offering more features than ever before, the new Switch appealed as the perfect way to appease boredom with games like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.

4. Massage Guns

Another product to appease to boredom and assist in self care claimed the number four spot. Massage guns were in high demand this year! A massage gun is a great tool to relieve any tight knots or stress. What a perfect gift after such a stressful year!

3. Keurig

Finally, moving into the top three with something to help start off every coffee lover’s morning. A Keurig coffee machine was a gift put on many people’s Christmas list this year. A coffee machine is a great way to create a positive start to the day for every early riser, so what better machine to gift that than an efficient and simple Keurig.

2. Apple Watch

Combining this year’s theme of technology and fitness comes the gift taking spot number two: the newest Apple Watch. The sixth generation Apple Watch is the newest technological product from Apple, and it has more advancements and applications such as the blood oxygen feature, which measures the amount of oxygen in the user’s blood. This new and improved Apple Watch is helping people achieve more fitness goals with it’s fitness application, which introduces new workouts, tracks calories, and counts steps. This watch was extremely popular this year, however it was not the most popular gift.

1. Weighted Blankets

Finally, claiming the coveted number one spot, is a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets seemed to reign supreme over all other gifts this year. Not only are they super soft, but they are also known to help relieve anxiety. After an incredibly anxiety-inducing year, many people put this cozy blanket on their lists.

Whatever you received or asked for this Christmas, it’s always most important to reflect and remain grateful and, of course, not to forget the reason for the season.