All I Want…

some big and some small, see whats on our Christmas list


some big and some small, see whats on our Christmas list

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

As Christmas comes rolling around the corner, people are getting their Christmas lists ready to go and hoping Santa gets all their wants in time for the big day. In the words of Mariah Carey, “I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need,” and oh do our Crusaders have some thrilling things in mind!

“All I want for Christmas is a couple of acres of farmland, just because I love the outdoors and being able to roam around and do whatever I want out there,” sophomore Gavin Ramirez said.

From the outdoors filled with activities such as fishing and hunting, senior Collin Fox has a very specific gift in mind that will help the environment.

“All I want for Christmas is a Elkay LZS8WSLK EZH2O Bottle Filling Station with Single ADA Cooler, Filtered, 8 GPH, Light Gray (a water fountain with bottle filler),” Fox said, “I love water and I hate having to go upstairs to get it all the time, and I love the environment so I do not use water bottles at all! Hopefully I get it.”

The seniors really have a connection to school and just want to keep high school with them. As Fox is hoping for his water fountain like many around the halls, senior Olivia Skiljan is looking to have something very near and dear to her this Christmas in her stocking.

“All I want for Christmas is a math tutor. Math is something in my life that I have always had a hate-hate relationship with, hopefully this tutor will guide us to love and subtract out that hate,” Skiljan said

For bringing love into the season, some of our Crusaders are really looking to play their part in the holiday and will do anything to be one with their dreams.

“All I want for Christmas is a realistic Buddy the Elf costume. I feel like through the use of said costume I would truly be able to embrace the Christmas spirit,” junior Nate Kemp said.

In the season of giving, many people share some of their favorite characters as hints of what they like, so as Kemp is patiently waiting for his Buddy the Elf costume, an underclassman is looking for something else to fit into his love of favorite characters.

“All I want for Christmas is the Fisher-Price Imaginext Spongebob Krusty Krab Kastle [Amazon Exclusive]. I want this so badly you don’t understand, and right now it’s 50 percent off! Also, it would fit my Spongebob collection perfectly,” freshman Griffin Hirtz said.

From water fountains to costumes or maybe even math tutors, the St. Dominic community never fails to keep you on your toes even during the holidays. Hopefully Santa makes all of their wishes come true and even yours as well this Christmas!