Netflix’s Farewell to Fan Favorites


Cate Cato

Fans are shocked after seeing the list of the popular shows and movies that will be taken off of Netflix this month.

Kennedy Jones, Staff Writer

This month Netflix is taking a plethora of shows and movies off of its site. This will allow many new releases to be added in the coming months! However, some of the classics that Netflix is cancelling may cause controversy among viewers.

2020 has been a struggle for everyone, but no one knew that it would end with Netflix taking down many shows and movies that may have helped several take their minds off of this treacherous year.

One of the most notable shows that will be taken off of Netflix on December 31 is The Office. This beloved comedy series with nine seasons is leaving Netflix for an NBC streaming service called “Peacock.” Many fans of the show are not happy about this news.

“To be honest, I’m really upset about Netflix taking down The Office. After watching it three times, I’ve grown so close to the characters and have enjoyed the hilarious episodes,” junior Paige Greiwe said.

Another highly acclaimed series leaving Netflix on December 31 is Gossip Girl. It is still unknown whether the show and it’s six seasons will come to a different streaming service, but a revival series has already begun production so it’s likely we will see the original elsewhere.

Netflix will also be taking off several popular movies that are leaving viewers shocked. The Notebook, the Back to the Future trilogy, the 2018 animation of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch and many more are saying goodbye to Netflix.

“I wanted to watch The Notebook so bad. It’s been on my list for a while so I don’t want them to take that off because I’ve heard really good things about it,” junior Elise Cope said.

Because so many fan favorites are leaving their screens, Netflix will replace the empty slots with new series and even originals. But are the new releases worth the cancellation of all of these popular shows?

“I think it’s very silly. I get that other networks are starting streaming platforms and that’s the main reason they’re getting taken off, but there’s not going to be anything good left soon. And Netflix originals aren’t really the best so it’s a lose-lose situation,” sophomore Myer Pistorius said.

Don’t worry though! Many of these popular shows and films aren’t leaving until December 31, so there is still time to watch your favorites before they are gone. To see a full list of what’s being taken off of Netflix and when, click the link below.