Holidays Don’t Have to be Hectic!


Cady Lang

The Holiday season only seems stressful nowadays, but it can be so much more!

Max Williams, Staff Writer

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go, but that doesn’t mean that anxiety and stress have to come with all the snow. Whether you’re rebounding from all the turkey day madness or trying to prepare for a jam-packed December, there are plenty of ways to relax this holiday season.

For starters, begin with a proper mindset. It may be 2020, but it’s almost certain that this holiday season won’t mean the end of the world if you do stumble upon a few minor inconveniences. It’s very easy to freak out about getting the perfect gift, cooking up the perfect meal for guests or studying for midterm exams, but it’s so important to not make a mountain out of a molehill. If you go into the holiday season already expecting it to not be so stressful, chances are you’ll be able to face all the problems that come your way.

Aside from a positive mindset, there are still plenty of different activities available that can help you chill out when you’re stressed—especially if you’re close with your family. On a cold winter night one of the best things to do is bake special treats with loved ones.

“My sister and I usually make cookies over the holidays before wrapping presents and watching a movie with the family. We always watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas because Jim Carey cracks us up every year,” junior Paige Hunt said.

In a similar way, sophomore Gia Danhoff makes sure to leave plenty of time over the holidays to be with family and catch up on some much needed rest.

“I spend lots of time with family just relaxing, watching movies and playing games together. I also like to catch up on some extra sleep and even get some of my work done in order to plan ahead and save some stress,” Danhoff explained.

Catching up on schoolwork or preparing ahead of time for midterm exams can be a life saver heading into the most wonderful—and busiest—time of the year. Getting some things out of the way can save plenty of time and stress, because nobody likes to cram the night before a big test. However, once you’ve finished studying, you might want to take out some of this pent up stress at the gym.

“Being a member at Club Fitness makes it easy to stay in shape over the holidays, and it’s something that I enjoy too. After a long day at school I always find it helpful to work up a sweat on a cold day,” junior Nate Kemp said.

Clearly there’s a way to relax over the holidays for everyone, you just have to figure out which works best for yourself! Whether you’re on the nice or the naughty list, everyone deserves to have a stress-free lifestyle as we make our way through this holiday season.