Final Shot at State


Kevin Roberts

Final Shot at State. The Varsity Soccer team is going to the State Championship game!

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

The varsity soccer team has been fighting hard through a long season, but it has all paid off. The boys are in the State Championship game this weekend, and they’re ready to win it all!

“We are focused on it fully. We can not control our opponent, but only ourselves, and we have been working hard through every obstacle,” Coach Greg Koeller said.

Focusing on the team is important, and the boys have been making sure that they are improving the little things to take care of the bigger obstacles that come their way.

“We have kept everything the same. We play the toughest schedules we can just to get us better, and get that step up the ladder to get us ready for the biggest game of the season,” Coach Koeller said.

The boys have been practicing on turf every single day of the season, and they had to make some adjustments to be ready to play on grass this weekend.

“I don’t think that the outcome will be much different than the last game. We scouted and heard we were playing on grass, so we went and started practicing on grass. Now we are working on the other team’s weaknesses so we have an advantage,” senior Kevin Kortkamp said.

The team has been working on their strengths, but they’ve also been making sure each and every individual is prepared for the upcoming day.

“I think we’ll get the job done—everyone is dialed in and focused. We have been together almost every off moment, keeping each other on track in and out of school. We all want this, and we’re doing everything it takes to get it,” senior Drew Nicholson said.

COVID-19 has affected a lot of fall sports this past year, but the soccer team has fought through every obstacle thrown their way. The team is doing everything they can to make their place in state a memorable one!

“A huge motivation for us was the kids who were quarantined. We didn’t want their last game ever to be a game they couldn’t play in, so we worked even harder so they could come back and be a part of the team. There’s nothing better than your last game being a State Championship game,” Nicholson said.

As the soccer team is preparing for their state run, so is the school. Hoodies are in and tickets are being sold (check your emails from Mr. Roberts!), so get ready for the road trip to Lake Country Soccer Complex in Springfield, Mo at 6p.m. against Jackson!