Mr. Z Is A Baffled Raffle Winner!


Lexi Bross

The Crusader raffle is a great opportunity to take a chance and try to win the grand prize! Mr. Z is sure glad he did!

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

The Crusader Raffle is an annual fundraiser we host in order to raise funds for our school. The raffle was from October 19 to November sixth, and the early entry prize was $500–that was only if you purchased tickets from October 19 through the 25. Third place prize was $1,000, second place prize was $2,500 and the grand prize was $7,500!

The fundraiser goal was $70,000. We exceeded that goal by 126%, as we sold $88,100 worth of tickets! The top student sellers weren’t forgotten, and they got Amazon gift cards. Freshman Ella Kutz got third place and won the $25 gift card, sophomore T.J. Kwapiszeski came in second and earned the $50 gift card, and senior Anthony Lewis took home the $100 Amazon gift card.

The raffle also was a huge House competition. Gaudium won by selling a total of 628 tickets! They got the reward of a little ice-cream party during family time. Virtus took second by selling 611 tickets, and third place was Gratia—they sold 589 tickets.

The winner of the raffle and winner of the Grand prize was none other than Mr. and Mrs. Zuroweste! Mr. Z was teaching his B3 class when our President, Mr. Welby, announced that he was the lucky winner over the intercom. He smiled big, though it was hard to see with the mask on.

“I think I said, ‘Are they joking?’” Mr. Z said.

Mr. Z purchased eight tickets. He bought his winning ticket from Connor Beerman, a freshman in his family time! Mr. Z was completely taken by surprise, as usually he doesn’t have much luck in raffles.

“I was shocked. Still am surprised. First time I have won anything,” Mr. Z said.  

As of right now, Mr. Z has no plans for winning since he never thought in a million years he’d have the lucky ticket. He plans on discussing with his wife about what they will do with the money they won.

The Crusader raffle is a great way to donate to the school, and it’s always awesome to have a chance at winning the Grand Prize. Just ask Mr. Z!