Tackling the Championship


Elli Hagan

Senior Jonathan Gil reaches out to fist bump his coach once he realizes they are going to the District Championship game.

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

For the first time since 2015, the St. Dominic varsity football team has fought their way through playoffs to make it to the district championship, but the work doesn’t stop when the boys walk off the field.

The team depends on the 22 hours outside of football to stay healthy for those two hours they get to spend on the field. The boys usually spend around 12 hours a week preparing for a game, and it’s definitely paid off.

“We are smart about what we do at practice, and then we don’t miss a beat on the weekend by making sure we are around healthy people and healthy situations,” senior Tate Cross said.

The team has been working year after year to get to this point, and the seniors have been pushing the last four years to make it to the championship. This talented group has made it all the way, and are hoping to go beyond.

“It isn’t just this week that has prepared us, but every single day since the beginning. From each game this season, and every day lifting throughout the year, we’ve become stronger and faster. We are focused on one day at a time, and that all combines as a whole,” Cross said.  

The boys are not only working on getting stronger, but they are making sure they’re in the right places at the right time. By keeping their circles small, they aren’t risking the health of their fellow teammates. They’ve also been making sure different people are well-versed in different positions, as they will have to substitute in case of sickness or injury.

“As a team, we have all come together and worked on being able to play other positions besides our own. Making sure we are all versatile on the field so we can be prepared for any situation is super important,” senior Jonathon Gil said.

The boys are looking to make history in the St. Dominic community this year, and are doing anything and everything to make success happen.

“The chance to make history is a different feeling, and knowing we are giving it our all for every single one of our seniors makes it so much more important and exciting. We want this for each other, not ourselves,” sophomore Jackson Overton said.

As the team prepares, they are looking after one another and continuing to work harder for each and every one of their teammates as the season continues on.

“I have looked up to this group of seniors since I was a freshman, and it just feels great to make it this far. I want to win alongside my brothers to show how great we really are,” junior Ryan Schwendeman said.

The team takes on the MICDS Rams at 1pm on Saturday, November 14. Make sure to wish this boys good luck as they take on this big game and hopefully bring home a plaque!