Black Friday Is Back



Many different businesses are pleasing shoppers with their early Black Friday Deals of 2020

Ava Kannady, Staff Writer

Everyone loves Black Friday shopping, but this year your Black Friday experience will look a little different. Many stores are spreading out their Black Friday sales all month long, to avoid tons of customers in their stores at once and to treat us all as much as possible.


Target has already launched many of their first Black Friday weeklong sales. On October 29, small kitchen appliances, technology and audio gear were pronounced as early Black Friday-worthy prices. The retailer announced proceedingly that they plan to release the following week’s deal prices every Thursday until the end of November. This is the perfect outlet for shoppers to plan ahead.

Target has also announced a plan to extend their 14-day Price Match Guarantee for a limited time through the exciting holiday season. If a shopper is dissatisfied with a price that dropped, they are able to request a price adjustment from November 1 to December 24. However, it must be a Black Friday deal.

Best Buy

Best Buy officially released their deals for the holiday season as well. They kicked off with a 60-hour sale that discounted all Amazon devices, and all members part of the loyalty-free program are eligible for a Black Friday price guarantee. This means if a customer bought an item that’s price dropped from when you bought it before November 28, you have the offer of a refund.


Walmart announced they will host three sale events that lead up to Black Friday. To start, “Black Friday Deal for Days” launched on November 4 at 7pm and can be found on the Walmart website. The second event begins on November 11, giving shoppers even more discounts. The last event will begin on November 25 at 7pm, the night before Black Friday, providing extreme discounts. Walmart also released ads for the first scheduled events, so shoppers can prepare as soon as possible.

Head out to these retailers to receive some awesome pre-Black Friday sales and promotions. Take advantage of the extended sales and get to shopping!