Saints of St.Dominic



The saints are important to all of us and are always there for us!

Lexi Bross, Staff Writer

Many members of the Catholic faith look to Saints for guidance. Most people have a favorite Saint, or a Saint that they admire. All Saints Day was on November 1, so here are some of the students and faculties’ favorite Saints.

Saint Lucy

St. Lucy is said to have been the daughter of a rich nobleman who died when she was young. Her mother was not a Christian, and wanted to arrange a marriage between Lucy and a rich Pagan man. However, Lucy committed her life to Christ and pledged to remain a virgin. She died in 304, and her feast day is on December 13.

“I have a special connection to Lucy. When I was in the first grade, we celebrated her feast day in school, and we always had a tradition of picking someone to dress up as her and pass out white donuts on a tray to symbolize the image of her with her eyes on a gold platter. I was picked to dress up as her, and ever since then I’ve felt a connection to her and found her life to be inspirational as a young Catholic woman,” junior Adri Weber said.

Saint Sebastian

According to his legend, St. Sebastian was born in Gaul, but moved to Rome and joined the army of the emperor Carinus. Later, he became a captain under Diocletian. When it was discovered that he was a Christian who had converted many soldiers, Sebastian was ordered to be killed by arrows and died in 288. He is the Patron Saint of athletes and plagues. His feast day is on January 20.

“I picked Sebastian as my confirmation saint because I was an athlete!” religion teacher Mr. Koeller said.

Saint Mother Teresa

St. Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to serving the poor and destitute around the world. She spent many years in Calcutta, India where she founded the Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation devoted to helping those in great need. She died in 1997, and is the Patron Saint of doubters. Her feast day is September 5.

“I have always felt drawn to Mother Teresa, even before her death. She always reminded me of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She always represented to me what it means to live a holy life devoted to God’s will, and not our own. This is truly admirable, and something, as a Christian, we strive to do God’s will and not our own. I look to Mother Teresa and The Most Holy Mother Mary for inspiration and guidance to let go of my own will and choose God’s will daily,” religion teacher Mrs. Hirtz said.

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola was a Spanish Basque Catholic priest and theologian, who co-founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus and became its first Superior General at Paris in 1541. He is the patron saint of soldiers, and many different countries. He died in 1556, and his feast day is on July 31.

“I am a big fan of St. Ignatius’s life, most especially his spirituality. His motto in life was ‘for the greater glory of God.’ This directed everything he did. I strive to have the same motto in my own life,” chaplain Father Patrick Russell said.

Saint Therese of Lisieux

St. Therese was a French Catholic Discalced Carmelite nun, who is widely venerated in modern times. She is popularly known as “The Little Flower of Jesus,” or just “The Little Flower.” She died in 1897, and she is the patron saint of missionaries, those suffering from AIDS, florists and the sick. Her feast day is October 1.

“I think we as high schoolers can have confidence in this calling, because it is so simple and outright, although of course not so easy. It requires a daily sacrifice and a willingness to suffer in small ways. St. Therese has directed and challenged me to be a disciple in the small, unnoticed ways,” senior Joe Hogan said.

Saint John Paul II

Pope Saint John Paul II was the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State from 1978 until his death in 2005. He was elected Pope by the second papal conclave of 1978, which was called after Pope John Paul I died after 33 days. He is the Patron Saint of the youth, and his feast day is on October 22.

“I lived in Rome from 1984 through 1988. During my four years there, John Paul II was the pope. I was able to attend Masses he celebrated on many occasions. When I was ordained a Deacon in Rome, my class and our families had a private audience with the Pope. I even have a picture of the Pope and I shaking hands. It is surrealistic to think that I was able to see, hear and visit a person who has been canonized by the Church,” religion teacher Mr. Eckhard said.

Saints are major role models for us, and are always there if we need an example to follow. No matter what you need or are struggling with, know that there is a Saint that can help and venerate over you.