Connecting with College


Kalea Reeves

By signing up with one of Mrs. Dodge’s forms, you can go and chat with someone from UMSL in realtime!

The college search process for high schoolers has always been complicated, and COVID-19 hasn’t exactly helped. St. Dominic has come up with a solution that will ease the stress a little bit, with virtual visits from colleges across the Midwest.

Last year, a couple of admissions officers from various colleges and universities would set up shop in the learning commons during Empower Hour. Students could come in to ask questions about the college and learn what different schools have to offer.

Now, because of the global pandemic, college admissions are obviously not traveling to different high schools anymore. College counselor Katie Dodge has initiated a solution at our school that has been spreading throughout the country: virtual college visits.

About three times a week, Mrs. Dodge sends out a sign-up sheet for the visits; there are only 14 people allowed, so you have to sign-up to attend.

During overtime, you can go virtually chat with an admissions officer just like last year. The officer gives a little background on the school, and then you can ask specific questions about your major, scholarship opportunities, student life, etc. It’s much more personal than simply researching the school online, and you can get specific information pertaining to your future.

“It was really cool! I visited with SIUC (Southern Illinois College), and I learned so much about my major and the different opportunities they have at the school,” junior Liv Knobbe said.

Whether you have no idea where to go or if you’ve known where you were going since you were a kid, attending these visits are super important, virtually or in-person. You get to interact with “the face of the university,” and see what schools are out there.

“We establish rapport and help to educate ourselves on different schools and what they have to offer. No two schools are the same, and talking with representatives helps to make sure you are choosing the best college/university to suit your specific academic and professional goals,” Mrs. Dodge said.

It’s so important to take advantage of these opportunities we have here at school; even with the pandemic, you can find your college and plan your future!