Christmas Conflicts


This is New York

So many different opinions on whether we should celebrate Christmas after Halloween

Elianna Hagan, Staff Writer

November is here, and the holiday spirit is beginning to show up. Sometimes the big American holiday, Thanksgiving, is overlooked by the glam and glitz of Christmas. So, when is the right time to start celebrating Christmas?

“For me personally, I like Christmas music, cookies, trees and lights. So setting that stuff up right as November hits is totally normal. I still love Thanksgiving and turkeys, but adding Christmas decorations just adds to the holiday spirit. This is the only season we get to listen to Christmas music, so we should stretch it out for as long as possible. I say just celebrate the holiday season as long as we can,” senior Olivia Skiljan said.

Some people even think we should celebrate Christmas for more than just two months of the year. It’s many people’s favorite holiday, so why not keep the cheer year-round?

“I celebrate right after Halloween, but if it were socially acceptable I would celebrate Christmas year round because it’s the most wonderful time of the year,” senior Erin O’Brien said.

Even with all the love and joy of Christmas, some of our Crusaders think it is unacceptable to celebrate until after Thanksgiving. Turkeys have feelings too!

“It is unacceptable to celebrate Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. I don’t understand how people can listen to Christmas music and put their trees up on November first. Don’t forget about Thanksgiving, people!” senior Kate Ryan said.

Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the United States, and some Americans think that each holiday has their own meaning. Many of our students feel that Thanksgiving deserves its own time to shine.

“I always celebrate after Thanksgiving, because I feel like if you celebrate Christmas before it just defeats the purpose of getting excited and having that special time to prepare for the holiday,” senior Becca Gentry said.

Deciding when to celebrate Christmas has been a debate for years, and there will never be a winning answer. The only solution is to get into the holiday spirit with the holiday of your choice, whether it is the day full of food and turkey or the day full of Christmas cheer!