Straight to State


Rick Ulreich

The varsity volleyball team has punched their ticket to state.

Audrey Weber, Copy Editor

This past weekend, our varsity volleyball girls punched their ticket to state. The girls have been working their tails off since preseason, and all that hard work has finally paid off.

For a couple of our senior girls, this isn’t their first rodeo. Seniors Audrey Weber and Alayna Metherd made it to the Final Four their freshman year, and the feeling of going back is unbelievable.

“Just knowing that we’re going back is the most surreal feeling ever—I can’t wait to experience it with this team. We can do big things; I know we can,” Metherd said.

Varsity head coach Courtney Bland has faith that this team will succeed with a championship this year. In 2017, the team placed fourth—this time, she thinks they can win it all.

“I think we are going to do great things at state. My goal is to go and win the whole thing! This group of athletes knows how to compete in big games, they know how to grind through the ups and downs, and they understand the mental game that faces them. We are ready for all of that, and we have a very deep bench, so I know we have what it takes,” Coach Bland said.

Though they went to state in 2017, this trip is going to be totally different. This year, the team has been preparing for the best possible outcome— and they aren’t finished yet. Though they’re an upperclassmen-heavy team, with four seniors and five juniors, they have a team with a bench that few can match.

“When we went in 2017, we had a few outstanding players, but we were not deep in the bench and we were young. This time, we have 14 very talented girls that would be starters for other teams in our area, but they are creating a depth that allows us to perform at a high level no matter what. We also are also stacked with seniors and juniors who know that this opportunity doesn’t come along often,” Coach Bland said.

The volleyball program has always been a family, through and through. Though it’s been a little different this year due to the circumstances, the girls have continued to bond and get closer than ever.

“This being my first year on varsity, I was a little nervous, but the upperclassmen all welcomed me in right away and made me feel like a big part of the team since day one. We are all so close, and we know how to have fun with each other on and off the court,” sophomore Faith Henke said.

The girls are all bubbling with excitement, and can’t wait to head down to Cape Girardeau this Thursday. There should be some extra vouchers, so as soon as they’re available be sure to grab one to get your own ticket to state!