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Disney + and Netflix are two of the most used sites to watch your favorite movies

Arlett Ramirez

Disney + and Netflix are two of the most used sites to watch your favorite movies

Adri Weber, Staff Writer

This time of year brings a lot of stress for high school students, and with added stress comes the stress relievers. A very popular method of relaxing is kicking back with some snacks and a favorite tv show. Some of the shows are only found on particular streaming sites, though, which brings up the question—what is the best streaming site?

To answer this question, I asked fellow students at St. Dominic what their preferred streaming site is for the shows they know and love.

“Recently I’ve been using the Lifetime app to watch Dance Moms. Otherwise I usually stick to Netflix and YouTube to watch things,” senior Abby Liszewski said.

Many other students also have similar habits when it comes to watching their favorite chick flick or Disney movie. Some movies or shows can only be found on certain streaming platforms, such as Netflix originals or older TV shows on Hulu. For some people, this causes them to have to use multiple streaming options so they can watch what they want when they want to.

While no streaming site has every single show or movie someone could want, there are some that have more options than others. The majority of people tend to choose the platform with the most options available.

“I usually use Netflix for my movies and shows, because they have almost everything on there. That way I have everything I’m watching in one place rather than going to multiple different streaming sites to watch what I want to watch,” junior Sophie Green said.

Another popular option among the students is Disney+, the go to place for everything Disney. While this program is amazing for Disney fans and kids, it doesn’t have too much variety when it comes to anything unrelated to Disney.

“I love Disney+ when I want to watch something nostalgic that I used to watch as a kid, but otherwise I would go somewhere that has more options than just Disney,” junior Nate Kemp said.

After asking many people around the school about their opinion on the best streaming site, most of them agreed with Green in wanting somewhere that had the most options to choose from. The general consensus of the St. Dominic community is that Netflix is, in fact, the best streaming service for all of your movie craves.